BOBINE FLEX - The ultimate Iphone dock

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The ultimate Iphone dock



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This ipohne cable can be used as a tripod on any surface and any place.



Hunter: @onegadgetaday

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nice hunt, @onegadgetaday! This minimalist Iphone dock looks so cool.

Great hunt my friend @onegadgetaday. This is amazing and I think I need to buy this one. Keep hunting amazing products my friend.

Wish you great success my friend.

excellent hunting, a very useful way to charge our phone, because if we are on the computer or doing something we can look at our phone front, and it is a very resistant cable, it is not easily damaged. I love

Great hunting, with this product I could go driving and go see my phone without taking my eyes off the road.

Hey nice to see your this great hunt. Your hunt topic so unique from others i just love to read this. its will help lot people thanks for sharing this great hunt.

Hi hunter, if you keep copy and pasting the same comment it will get flagged as low effort and spam. Please keep the comments related to the hunts and stop copy and pasting it. Thanks.

sorry.. i will not do it again..

This cable is really more than just a cable because one can use it for different things at the same time. This is really cool. Thanks for the hunt. Good!

This is really what I call technology at its peak. You can use this cable for multiple devices. Thanks for your hunt. It's a great one!

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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This one gives you possibility to hold your phone in a good position. It can be used to take photos or you can work through your phone beside your laptop. It can charge it and you can work with the desired position. Good hunt.

I just searched the product for my self and indeed it has also for Android phones. I like the product and i have an android phone so i am happy to see it. Price is around 30$ and i think its little bit expensive but if you need it it must be worth.

It is a product in terms of price and quality. It has a flexible structure and you can transform it into the shape you want. It is very easy to fit your car in a convenient way. A nice hunt and thanks.

A cable with the world's most flexible iPhone dock. This is the perfect tool to have if you have iphone and can be twisted into any position. Very good feature and must be useful to use it. I never saw like this before so good hunt.

This is an incredible piece of invention we know that there are a ton of accessories out there for charging our phone but i never see or experience such all in one gadget before. we can use it as a cable, charging dock or a flexible mount for our car awesome. Super Hunt.

It seems really simple product. Just a charge cable with a strong cover whick makes it flexible and can hold your phone. I think for such product the price is extremely much. If it was around 10$ many people could buy it included me. Thanks

A product with two line stabilizer clips. Military grade, a cable wrapped in nickel-plated steel. The connectors stick directly to the metal. With this product, we can say goodbye to the old cave. Good product, thanks.

iPhone cables are very simple, but very useful and easy to use anywhere without having to think about a place.
this is innovative

It is great to see a tripod for my phone and it is also portable. Thanks for sharing.

By your hunt, we see different hunts get higher ranks. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

Great hunt @onegadgetaday

Great for use especially on the car. The dock has a very flexible structure. You can adjust to your position or any position. It is very easy to mount your car. It also does not wear out and is not damaged.

This product is very cool. It looks very nice and convenient to use it. So that we could watch movie without using our hand to hold it.

Nice hunt @onegadgetaday

but, you need to explain more about this product in your hunt.

Then, you could also use the video related to product to make sure the audience understand what you offer without visiting the official link.

In this case, you could use this video below

This is only "The Tips" not to judge your hunt.

By the way, this is the most flexible iphone dock that i ever seen.

I love this. It's a really great way to keep your desk clean of clutter, while still keeping your iPhone within reach and charging, at the same time.

It would be great to use an iphone cable as a tripod. Smart idea and great hunt.

It is a perfect idea to use a cable as a tripod any surface. I liked Bobine Flex.

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good hunt . thanks for sharing

the tripod that we needed so much for our phones. my question is if you accept other models?

Yes, please! I've been looking for something similar to this recently, and had I seen this (from what little you've actually said about it), I think I'd get one. Now all I have to do is go look-up whether they're available, or not.

Just for iphones? I hope there is one for other phone models too.

I just saw a charger cable that has a function as a tripod, this is amazing


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