Dribbleup A smart Soccer ball - This ball will upgrade your soccer skills

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Dribbleup A smart Soccer ball

This ball will upgrade your soccer skills



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This is a unique soccer ball carved with special AR icon, so you can actually connect it to a app (android or ios), and activate a virtual trainer.

The app will provide you with actual objectives you need to accomplish, like dribble, kicking etc. While you make your progress the app will notify you if you have made it to the next level.
It is also providing with video training footage so you can follow theses steps as well.




Hunter: @onegadgetaday


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Well, no worries. Edited. let me know if its ok now :)

Perfect :)

Fantastic !
Thank you very much :)

It must be very useful for kids to learn playing football. They can improve their skills and they will have fun while doing it. The app will show the target that you need to achieve. Thanks for this interesting hunt and keep good hunting.

Just noticed that you did not use the direct product URL which is this one