Fortem DroneHunter - This drone seek and destroy other drones

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Fortem DroneHunter

This drone seek and destroy other drones



Hunter's comment

Drones are a well known threat when it comes to sensitive facilities or private institutions.
The drone hunter is a unique independent guard in the sky.
Working day and night, the drone hunter seek his enemies and take actions with no human supervision behind it.
The drone hunter uses non lethal objects in order to stop the "bad" drone.



Hunter: @onegadgetaday

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Hell yeahhh! Nobody is going to spy me or see me naked while I change clothes, no sir!

:joy: DAMN!, I can't stop laughing watching the video

This is like killing your friend cruelly. But sure, this is really interesting product.

Previously I had seen drone shooters throwing nets. But this product is very unique, he beat his own friend :joy:.

Funny, but it's really nice hunt @onegadgetaday

this is cool and fun, drones hunting other drones, we enough of those, we can start a drone war, and benefit the manufacturers to make more drones for sales, GDP rise!!

This is interesting , looks good for the he military based drones. To catch the illegal ones :)

can you rename the title please to 'Fortem DroneHunter' thank you. then i can verify.

fortem drone is an advanced technology drone. This drone searches for various enemy drones. It controls human. The features of the dragon are very advanced. Great Hunter.

The drone be the dangerous. They will steal our work, plan and other thinks You can disturb your neighbor with the drone. and you can look at their shop. you are disturbing by entering private areas. The Fortem Dronehunter will help you and no one distrubing you. Thanks for product

Fortem Drone Hunter were produced for the killing the other drones. Very silent and harmless. If other drone be the disturb you with Fortem Drone hunter you can kill them. Very good hunt.

Who produce the drone i don't know. I know this drone is good for the using.They can transport the a few things. But it has one problem. It is that Some peoples are using the drone for bad deeds. Fortem dronehunter kill them. Nice hunt.

A really nice hunt this is. Would have loved to read information on the area the drone can cover and the non-destructive weapon it uses during its attacks.

Great Hunt @onegadgetaday. I never see this amazing drone. This drone is also useful for the military purpose. I wait for your next great hunt.

Fortem DroneHunter is a smart drone. Everybody wants to discover something new with more adventure for this it is the perfect things as it has seek and destroy feature. It is a great hunt.

Excellent gadget i like it because it has ability to pinpoint enemy drones therefore helps improve overall security and in addition it's nice to see that it has quite long flight time. Great Hunt

Drone hunter working day and night. Really a great product. Now there is a lot of drone everywhere and private life are constantly neglected. This product can be a complete punitive. Thank you.

We see different kinds of drones now and Fortem DroneHunter is one of the best of them, it can stop "enemies" Perfect hunt.

Great hunt!Destroys other enemies drone.It must be very useful for goverments!Keep good hunting!

I watched Fortem Dronehunter's presentation and it is amazing. Fortem DroneHunter is a real hunter. Perfect hunt.

This is a cool product , drones tends to always infringe on people's privacy .. So now we gave a solution to this privacy bridge

A cool drone, but it's not strong enough to protect itself and destroy other drones from my opinion. It doesn't have strong armor and strong lethal weapons 😔
If other drones have strong armor + strong lethal weapons, this drone will go down fast.

With so many drones... The privacy concerns are rising... This drone can hunt any intruder.

Wao such a very cool hunt.This drone is change for others.Very great shape of this drone.Many features of this drone.This drone working day and night.Very high speed of this drone.Powerful battery of this drone.Great battery timming of this drone.This drone use for media purpuses.Very high resolution cam of this drone.Everyone like this great hunt.Thanks for sharing.

nice hunt!!

thank you for the changes. verified.

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요즘 괜찮은 드론을 찾아보고 있습니다. 저렴한... 흠...

This one is a great hunt and Nice Product for security purpose to seek and kill others drone and protect your place from attacking other Dangerous drones.Thanks for sharing a good hunt Good luck with your hunt

that is a great gadget and i will gladly want to watch the way it works on a live situation and i believe it will be an interesting sight to behold


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COOL ! I geuess it was just a matter of time before something like this came along ! Drones are awesome but I could never afford one! ✌👍💕