Kidslox - Parental Control app - This is the ultimate gate keeper and screen supervisor

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Kidslox - Parental Control app

This is the ultimate gate keeper and screen supervisor



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Kidslox is an easy to use app for parents who wish to have a better and safer control.

Main features provides with:
App blocking
Screen time manager with daily limits
Web content filtering
Timers (for example no mobile on supper time)
Full usage report
Safe youtube
Installed app blacklist

And more.

The app works both on IOS and android devices and requires app installed on parent and kid devises.

App offers a free 14 days trial and multiple pricing options.



Hunter: @onegadgetaday

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The application is a mobile application that works on both IOS and android devices. 14 day trial available. In a safe way children can enter social networks like youtube. Everything is your control, gold. Useful sharing.

A mobile application that works for the safety of children. Designed for parents who want to have a more secure control. I like the application blocking feature. Thank you.

very good hunting ... it's too useful for me and I'm going to download it thanks

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It really is very much like this device and how much we can understand and benefit from this device you have understood very well and that which you say is that its main feature is app blocking and skin time mentation and if you are going to eat with you mobile Even if you do not have it, you will be able to understand that the time has come for this device because of this product. Thank you so much for your hunting this app


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