Steem Knights - First Ever 3D Mobile Multiplayer Game On Steem Blockchain

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Steem Knights

First Ever 3D Mobile Multiplayer Game On Steem Blockchain



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Steem Knights is the First Ever 3D Multiplayer game on steem blockchain. It is the action packed battles game like battlefield game. Play the game and earn some steem. According to their announcement it will launch on 28, sep, 2019 12:00 UTC.

Below are rules of the battle



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Seems pretty cool wow 3D action-packed. game on the steem. So it's a multiplayer then sure we can play with our friends as well? Then anxiously waiting for this game wanna kill some online friends lol :P XD Well usually i don't, ike and play such kind of games but since we can earn steem then why not XD

I am yet to get actively involved in a game on our beloved blockchain. This looks like something i can try, and look forward to the launch.

Awesome ONe!
It sounds really cool see that new dapp are coming on the Steem Blockchain and earning some money from playing game sounds great. Such dapps are helpful to add value to the steem blockchain.
Thank You and Have a GooD dAY!

Nice to see an other game Steem Knights will be the part of steem blockchain. The game will be helpful to bring more enthusiast into steem blockchain. It will also provide oppurtunity to earn steem while playing game. Nice hunt

What a great and amazing hunt. This game gives you great opportunity to earn steem while playing. It is very helpful for students. I love battle games. I m playing many battle games in my life. This game looks different from others. Soon as soon i m checking this game. Sometime i feels bore and playing this type of games and spend my borimg time become happy and enjoyable. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

It looks like we came to the next one great game based on top of Steem blockchain! Waiting when beta release will be available!

I am really impressed and addictive on this game from the first time I saw it . Developers done great job and create an artwork. Thanks a lot for this my friend


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