ElectricityGenerating Backpack - A back pack that charge electricity while you are hiking

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ElectricityGenerating Backpack

A back pack that charge electricity while you are hiking


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Hunter's comment

This product is great for Soldiers, Hikers and Search & Rescue teams, not because it can charge electricity while using it but it also reduce stress on the body. It eliminates the accelerative forces that cause injuries and reduce mobility. They use a patented pulley system, the pack reduces the metabolic energy requirement by 40-80 watts, allowing a wearer to carry 8-12 extra pounds “for free.”




Hunter: @roldamn


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Oops Sorry! I must put a quotation next time for this, thanks for the heads up.

well, this rucksack can be also useful for some scientists (botanists/zoologists) as they explore some regions, mountains sometimes. As far as I know the basic idea of a rucksack is to redistribute the weight from the back to the hips and thus reduce the possibility of column, shoulders damages. And this is exactly what this product do due to the bottom strap. The only thing I can't understand is how it produce electricity? (solar panels)?

Wow, a hiking bag that can generates energy is really cool. Very useful when you are in the wilderness and where electricity source is scarce. Good hunt.

yeah! its nice because it can also reduce the stress you are receiving from the weight of the bag.