Mink Camper - The Smart Luxury camping made easy

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Mink Camper

The Smart Luxury camping made easy



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What is Mink Camper?

This is a stylish camper that you can hook up onto your car. The selling point is in the cool style - a submarine on wheels. Kids would just love traveling with you wherever you take them.


What I like about Mink Camper

  • It is equipped with a kitchen at the back giving you lots of space to move around outside the camper
  • You can use the gas stove for your cooking


  • There is also lots of storage space
  • You can tuck a queen size bed inside that is absolutely cozy and comfy
  • I love the glass roof where you can watch the stars at night.
  • For winter, you can use the heater and thermostat to keep the right temperature
  • There is WI-FI connection, sound system and solar panels for charging


Video - After watching this, you will want one.

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Hunter: @rosatravels


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Love the design of this and all the features.

  • totally revamps what a traditional trailer looks like and functions like
  • Wifi, glass roof, great use of space, heater and cooler.


  • Likely need a SUV to use this


This is my opinion about your hunt


  • For those of you who like in the camp world, you should try this product, because this product is very cool, called Mink Camper, you can use for camping anywhere, by way of being linked into the car.
  • With the kitchen, you can cook with a gas stove
  • I think this product is very good and many uses, I've tried it, now it's your turn :)


  • None for this hunt

I will give value to your hunt

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Amazing hunt! , this one is a killer, I was sold once I saw the rooftop for stargazing. Interesting thing to pivot with your transportation system and you are set for camping.love the pod design and solar integeration.

@rosatravels - This is amazing, i eager to buy this equip. Wonderful information. I want to travel the whole world. can someone bought it from India? as i am an Indian.

Yes, @somenath30, this is amazing, especially the design. Try to find one in India ;)



  • Cool design
  • Has WIFI (i'm loving this)
  • loaded with sound system
  • Has space for cooking


  • non for this hunt

Thanks @camzy for the great review.

This is a great hunt @rosatravels. I would love to have one. I'm sure that my sons would love to go camping with this Mink Camper. Anyway, below are my personal comments on your hunt.


  • the design is cool. It looks like a small submarine or capsule.
  • I love that there is an installed kitchen at the back. You will no longer have to worry where to put things.
  • I personally love the glass roof,, my sons would love to watch the sky at night. Maybe while reading them some stories.


  • none so far

Thanks @ricabuhain, this is an awesome hunt for sure.

Pros and Cons
-Environmental friendly solar charging panels
-Skyglass design is very nice

-Tight headspace might lead to head bumping

Thanks @biuiam for the review. Yes, the space is a bit tight but very cozy. Perfect for families.

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