All New Reviewhunt set to Launch - Simpler but Greater!

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We have launched Reviewhunt in August 2019 to reinvent the gamified marketing industry. With 5+ months of beta testing, we have achieved these fun results as below:

  • 2,600+ hunters are signed up.
  • 10,000+ quests are performed to help with marketing onboarding of the 30+ newly launched products.
  • 3,400+ social/blog channels are registered with a combined total of 195,000,000 followers.

Now it’s time to end the beta version. We are going to introduce an all new Reviewhunt on January 29th, 2020 with a massive shakeup. Here are some sneak previews of the big changes.


One account for Hunters and Makers

The separated sign-up system for Hunters and Makers will become one unified account. This means that a Reviewhunt user will be able to join a quest as a hunter AND create a quest as a maker via the same account.


Goodbye campaign, Hello quest

We have noticed that the current campaign system that has serial quest missions adds complexity to both hunters and makers. In the new Reviewhunt, you will create just a quest, not a full campaign. We will completely renew the quest creation interface so that you can launch any quest with just a few clicks.


USD Point System

HUNT token is a cryptocurrency whose market value constantly changes. So, the current reward unit based on HUNT token keeps fluctuating your actual fiat-reward. We will apply a USD Point-based reward unit system so that the fiat-based reward value will be maintained until you actually withdraw your reward credit into HUNT token.


Withdrawal Options

You can withdraw your rewards into HUNT tokens, but we will also add a gift card and shop to the withdrawal options. These additional options won’t be included in this relaunch but will be added soon.


Using HUNT Token

After simplifying the quest creation process so that anyone can launch a simple task (like boosting your Youtube channel, increasing followers, etc.), we will also make HUNT token payment as the most lucrative option. If you use HUNT token to payout, you will have the 20% fee waived.


Shorter Payout Period

In the past, you have only got paid after the whole campaign was finished. But some campaigns lasted too long (even more than a month), which led to many issues. In the new Reviewhunt, you will be paid 4 hours after your submission has been approved by the maker regardless of whether the whole quest has finished or not.

Important Schedule

We are trying to utilise a more decentralised authentication system that protects your digital right. Due to the new system, you are required to re-sign up even though you are a current Reviewhunt user. Also, you need to withdraw all the HUNT rewards in your external ether wallet if your account is not connected with the Steemhunt wallet, or your HUNT rewards will be gone. If your wallet is connected with the Steemhunt wallet, you don’t need to worry about this.

  1. January 23rd (Thur) - Joining campaigns will be halted.
  2. January 28th (Tue) - Reviewhunt wallet will be closed.
  3. January 29th (Wed) - New Reviewhunt will be relaunched.

(Resteem Resteem Resteem please!!)

Are you excited about the new Reviewhunt? Then, please resteem this post so that many Steemians can know this news. If you are a current Reviewhunt user, we will also send you a notice via your email for our upcoming relaunch.

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Excellent progress, excited for upcoming new interface.
Getting reward within 4 hours is a good step.
Good luck 😀

Best Improvements, exciting times. My well wishes for this wonderful platform.

This looks by far better than previous UI. Nicely done!

Nice one. I am fully ready for this. It is nice to see that the team has not been dormant unlike what some people think. Kudos guys! I'm happy to be part of this project.

It looks very good. I will be there participating with my reviews and helping in whatever I can to make this project grow more than ever. Congratulations and move on!

2020 must be time for your devs to take a rest now that you about to deliver a product.

Major changes, the withdrawal period being shortened might have a a bad kick on owners on a point that the 'promoters' should only be paid when the campaign has ACHIEVED.

Used to be a hunter, seems the new wave (after beta) will bring me back.

Excited for the new version of ReviewHunt and looks like it will change the way we used it. Great move

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That sounds really exciting am looking forward to it :)

When is hunt peg coming to steem-engine at least for easy converting hunt token to steem since hunt token is a part of the steem blockchain, at least the listing fees is cheap and alot of the processes are automated

I wanted to join this. Please how'd I go about this? Is there an application version of Reviewhunt?

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this is amazing
good job team

You guys are killing it... Kudos 👏

Sounds exciting. Thanks for the updates.

One clarification though:
How do I know if my account is connected to my steemhunt wallet?

Dashboard > Profile > Steemhunt (Steem) Account tab will appear on the top section.

Sweet UI!

Congratulations @steemhunt!
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Looks great 👍

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gonna record a video about this. looking forward to the new updates. props for the mini pivot!

Sounds interesting. Can't wait til the end of the month.

I think one thing Steem has had a hard time with is to create more buying pressure from advertisers (i.e. burn pressure because why not?), this is one thing Brave and BAT does well, sell their currency to advertisers and redistribute it to users without minting any more. This app is a step in the right direction if I do say so myself and the fact review hunt associates itself with Steem is a good thing.

Its now very convenient to use Review-hunt and very nice looking as well.