Shuffle Button Lottery is Live

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Two weeks ago, we set “hunt score” as the default view of the “Today” chart instead of the previous “random” order. The reason behind this decision is to maintain the consistency of Steemhunt’s core concept - daily ranking chart. But this may cause the hunt posts with lower hunt scores to become less visible.

To solve this problem, we have made a new “shuffle” button on the “Today” tab that changes to random view, and created an exciting new airdrop event to promote the use of the shuffle button.

Shuffle Button Lottery Everyday!


Every user can win from 10 to 200 HUNT tokens once a day by clicking the shuffle button on the “Today” tab. You can try your luck at the shuffle button slot machine (the winning amount will randomly range from 10 to 200 tokens). Every user is eligible to run the lottery one time per day based on KST, and the winning tokens will be directly registered in your wallet transactions.

New Airdrop Page is Open

As we announced last Monday in the Sponsor Report - #21, we made changes to our airdrop strategy.

The goal of the airdrop strategy is designed to achieve three main goals as below:

  1. Gather as many product influencers as possible and amplify our community activities.
  2. Rather than dumping money for adverts, utilise Steemians as effective ambassadors to promote HUNT project outside of Steem community.
  3. Lead token holders to be active users rather than pump-and-dumpers.

Now you can check which airdrop categories are live and how many tokens are distributed so far in the Steemhunt wallet page -



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haha so cool, I just got 130 on my first try:))

yeah hella neat right? ;)

There is a spelling mistake on that new airdrop page, where it says the smt release, it should say may 21st but says 21th lol

WOOOT! Shouldn't be addicted to this but I love shuffle buttons lol.
Even came with a mario coin sound classic woot got a 90!

This is great! Thanks for the free tokens!

Sidenote where does the shuffle button fit under the airdrop categories?

+60 Hunt tokens on my first spin.

yay! nice work. i like it a lot :)

haha i love that little coin! awesome idea :D

Resteeming this! Thanks for creating wonderful pieces of addition to the amazing site built for hunters.

Thank you for your all out effort in providing a great place for us.

That's an amazing future. Now users can get tokens by just clicking on the shuffle button. It will help alot of peoples to get steemhunt tokens.

I like that SH team are always looking for ways to make the platform better. As a hunter, I was not so satisfy with the introduction of 'hunt score' as the default sort by because it reduce the visibility of many hunts. But I trust the team to find a solution as always to that. I hope this works to satisfaction of the hunters...Off to click the shuffle button 😀

EDITED : I am back with +110 hunt token richer 😂

cool little feature right? so neat.

Very neat. Me Likey!

What a great update, It is really cool !

I just claim 140 hunt token..thankx

Just won 60 HUNT Tokens. This is pretty amazing!
Great job @Steemhunt Team. Love this!


Did I win?I love it and check.everyday.thank you @steemhunt for keeping steemit alive through this initiative.

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This is easily the most fun button on any blockchain ever!

Great feature and the platform is more fair for everybody... Good job @steemhunt

I love the daily shuffle lottery!

Where can I go to find out more about the airdrops?

How do I find out more about roles, voting and social shares?

A link or write up could probably be included there on the website.

Thanks for continually updating us!

Wholly crap, I just won 100 Hunt tokens.
Awesome idea!

I got it...
Thank you @steemhunt..!! It’s really awesome 😎

BOOM! Thank you :)

Thanks @steemhunt! Already taking advantage of it and its working out great so far.

Thank you so much I just got 130 tokens..

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This is fantastic. The one single claim I made today with the shuffle button increased my token amount by almost 39%.

Wow! Its great and awesome!😊

My first try is only 10 HUNT. Next time will be better ;p

Recieved 40