[Urgent Announcement] @steemhunt will exclude all bid bot upvoted hunts

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Hello Hunters,

Today, @steemhunt has suddenly reached over 1 million SP delegation. As we announced previously in our Discord channel, we have been preparing the ABV (Account Based Voting) ranking system on Steemhunt. The new ranking algorithm will be ready in two weeks. You can see the details of ABV here - https://github.com/Steemhunt/web/issues/135.

We were planning to allow the hunters who use bid bots to increase their SP on @steemhunt to remain until the ABV arrived. Once the new system is in operation, it won't be possible to keep making profits by using bid bots.

However, today we received 1 million Steem Power, so the bid bot gaming on Steemhunt may cause serious abuse and controversy in the entire Steemit community, so we must prevent this from happening.

So, we decided that @steemhunt won't upvote any hunting posts that use bid bots. This new rule is effective IMMEDIATELY.

Our moderators will invalidate the posts who use bid bots services, so that they can't be upvoted by @steemhunt's voting bot.

We have posted this sudden announcement in order to maintain a fair system for all in the Steem community, and we will launch the new ranking system as soon as possible.

This is a temporary policy until the ABV system is ready.




Thanks for the update. What happens if a post has been "bid bot voted" by someone else than its author ?

Great question, would love to get that answered. People can just bidbot all other posts made that day to remove the competitions to get on top. Maybe one way to get things to work is to only count votes made on the steemhunt website. Votes made elsewhere else doesn't get counted. Just my idea, hopefully the creators have a better solution than me.

That's exactly the potential outcome I had in mind. Thankfully, they just said they will also check that the bot votes come from the author !

Yup, but they already have 80+ posts coming in a day, its going to be some hard work for the mods. I wish they come up with something so that mods don't have to go look through everything. And what about alt accounts, I own like 5 accounts, what if I just buy a vote from one of my other accounts and say that I don't own the account?

Well they could automate that process but I guess it's good enough considering it will only last two weeks. As for the alt accounts, I hadn't thought about that actually. I don't see any solution to that problem sadly but it should matter less once the ABV system is in operation.

Sadly enough no system will be perfect. Even the Steem whitepaper covers abuse and mentions that it can not be prevented.

But trust that we are constantly watching what happens and will try to design and maintain a system which minimizes abuse as much as possible. Any system will be constantly monitored and tweaked where required.

It is at the end as mentioned temporary as the ABV is in full development mode and the time is needed to implement it. Until then the mods will have a lot more to do to deep check it and yes after looking what the mods are doing, it will be a a lot of work :) Chill out~

That will be implemented once we have the ABV ranking system, @rishi556. Then only upvotes from whitelisted (3 hunts submitted previously) will be counted.

we're doing this process manually by our mods (checking their wallet transactions, etc), so this edge cases can be handled.

Hi Tabris, how do you Steem holders qualify for the airdrop?


Thanks for the clarification !

Congrats team and great decision to exclude the bot use!

That's great news! Now things will be much better, good job!

Upvoted it, and also resteeming it so my people would know lol haha

This is great rules, grow and grow steemhunt. We always support you

Great news, thanks @steemhunt

Wow, much wow. Extra million for you, congrats. Will check how to participate.

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Glad to see that the tide is turning on the use of bidbots.

Nicee!! This is what I waited for you to say! Great thanks!!

Thank you, finally no need any bid bots already.

Well done guys. This was bothering me quite a lot and a large reason why I wasn’t getting involved.

One point though, it’s possible to purchase votes through minnowbooster without it showing in your transactions. Not sure how you’d detect those votes.

Oh really how that’s possible?
I lknow you can hide the memo message on transactions, but transaction itself is publicly visible anyway?

I think you can add SBD into your minnowbooster balance and then use their website to get the votes. Buying of votes will not be shown in the Steemit wallet.

That's correct.

Ah... well it's just temporary. The new voting system coming soon will not be influenced by bid bot votes.

Very good decision @steemhunt something needed to be done. Fair Play guys!

muy buena decision amigo, saludos y cuento con su apoyo

Finally somebody had the balls to correct a situation that was heading in the wrong direction. Hopefully, this would set a standard for the Steemit community & lead to its sustainable growth. Thank you!

Great this was a problem many saw and its good that you guys solved it
It was really unfair to others too so well done and hope this continues since i think some people will still abuse alternate accounts

Good to hear this. I expect some people will look for ways around the rules, but it's important to take a stand

Hello -Aé- That nice to hear you steemians are trying to get the robots in here under c0ntr00lIl

@goldenark you're on the @abusereports naughty list!

Bad Steemian! Bad!