SEASONS - World's First Color Changing Swim Shorts

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World's First Color Changing Swim Shorts



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Every summer I'm always looking for swim shorts has a good quality designed and I'm done for looking swim shorts. Meet the SEA'SONS the worlds firs color changing swim shorts, yeah! that is true if the short is dry the main color is yellow and if jump into the water or take a shower the color of the short is change to color orange.


The SEA'SONS change color when they get get an interaction with the water this isn't because of the moisture but because of the temperature of the water. The first color will reveal again again when dry because they react temperature changes they can customized. The swim shorts made a 100% polyester and that means that they are very durable and dry quickly.


Price: €59,95



Hunter: @toffer

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I actually think these are pretty cool and I would buy this product, some may argue that €59,95 is a little expensive for these, but that's what you're going to pay for any good quality swimshorts anyway.

This is very amazing. You have a knack for hunting really cool products @toffer. Keep it up.

i won't mind having this despite the Huge price tag. lol

Hunt On

Great hunt @toffer!

Those are some really cool shorts, fun to wear. The price is a little big high for some swimming shorts, but hey you need to sacrifice for that summer look.

It is very impresive swim shorts. I have never seen it before. Someday when I get a chance, I will buy this cool pants. Thanks for nice hunt.

I will really buy this one if this is already available in our place. Definitely a very good hunt!

It's really impressive! It looks very fun and I'd like to try it. I think it makes us more happy when plaingin the swimming pool. Thank you for a niceproduct. I'll wait for you next hunt.

OH Wow!
What a cool hunt @toffer.
I want to have them at any cost. ACtually, we are going on tube well tomorrow, I'm imagining my self-wearing this and making people Shock while putting water on it. hahaha :P sadly i can't them too early, but Nothing can stop me from imagining.

Its nice to have these kind a summer hunts thats just perfect fit for my summer collection :) Actually I have only one swimsuit for like 2 year but this might be my favourite for next 2 year :)

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Thanks @teamhumble for verifying my hunt today.

nice little shorts to have.something we all might love to show off !

Haha these are pretty cool. I wonder what color they turn if you pee yourself? In all seriousness though, I see these shorts having lots of unintended consequences. Good hunt nonetheless

Haha.. that is the serious part if you pee yourself just make sure you jump into the water quickly.

It is very nice shorts that is colour changing. It has cool material that can adapt to water and heat. It is very interesting clothes. But I am worried about how long can the material last for.

I've seen this technology before on my son's toy carts, but putting it in a pair of pants is a pretty innovative and fun idea, welcome the innovation, it will be fun to use some like that.

I can really say that this is the best hunt!! Super cool hunt. You don't have to buy any colored swim shorts because it's been packed in one. Super awesome! Congrats!

This one will bring fun to our summer days. Everybody will be suprised and will ask to buy one for them. Really cool, i like it very much and i would like to have one. Price is also good so let's order :)

It is amazing what technology offers. From what I read, that will be the walls of our buildings soon. The nanotechnology that is coming is truly amazing.

Nice Hunt!

  • ha ha ha. It has never been this easy to tell you've just been in the pool even from afar.
  • You never have to touch your clothes to know if they are wet or dry from the color you can tell.
  • It is unique
  • It dries fast.


  • None

Hello @toffer
Here is my opinion


  • Specially design to enjoy the weekend swimming to make the golden moments in a style
  • Color changes frequently to make the pictures colorful
  • Polyester provides a soothing touch to dry the water quickly
  • Wonderful product to enjoy a relaxed swim


  • None for it

Overall an awesome Hunt, Keep hunting :)

super cool shorts i have to say. i love the idea of any color changing anything if i'm honest -- i hope this wins today!

With €59.95 as the price, it is definitely not that expensive coupled with what it has to offer. I love the way it changes with the environment, wish i can purchase and try it

Hye @toffer! COol hunt, It is best for swimming and It can change the color waw, And the most important thing the gif which you uploaded is cool

now this is kinda funny
imagine wearing this and jumping into the pool, will be coming out with with new under pant
amazing hunt @toffer

hunt on...!

Yet another cool and fun hunt @toffer! Love the technology of the super FUN!!! making wearable fun and trendy. Awesome!


I love design, it reminds me when I was a child my younger brother had a toy that changed with cold water. but this short beach is double edged because if the person urinates on the one that is in bad taste they will discover greetings and continue with your good hunts

It is definitely one of your favorite shorts in summer. I think that you will attract people at the sea or in the pool. It is a product designed according to the time and the time we are in. You are a really good hunter. Congratulations. :)

Oh my god, this is soooo cool, i would so want this to be mandatory for all swimmers, with additional effect of changing color for those who pee, thank you very much for your hunt~

Amazing! Beach pants and technology, a brutal combination! What can I tell you, they look amazing, comfortable, the perfect shorts for the beach or pool and also change color! that's a unique finish!

Thanks for share this hunt!

You're welcome @pavonj


This swim short is cool and funny. If I get this swim short, I will the star of the pool. :D

Pros and Cons
-Really cool and interesting designs
-You can create different patterns temporarily

-There will definitely be different area drying at different speed

The shot looks amazing and I think it will thrill a lot of people if I take such shots to the beach. This is really cool bro. Happy hunting

Can I have one were the color shifting material is only used in an area making out the words "WARNING! TOXIC WASTE RELEASED!" I will out it on my kids before sending them into the neighbor's pool.

I'll take one for myself as well - for when I want the jacuzzi for myself.

Good hunt!

I think I actually do love this idea..

I just need one of this to storm any beach party.

Pretty much expensive for a short though.

Well thought about design
Nice Hunt

Looks quite funky and definitely it will feel crazy, but I feel the price is a bit higher with €59,95. And I checked out, it can be shipped to India as well, but its still in Preorder stage.

Wow.. This is just mind blowing. And are you sure this won't have such negative effects on reproductive organs?

Hey bro! It's a really great product. Should I take something like this? What do you think? Hahaha. GREAT HUNT!

Haha. you should try to take one.

I had clothes that were heat/cool color changing as a kid... and at least one bathing suit. I feel like We only really wore them in water/to the pool.

I remember looking for something like that a while back... cause memories and couldn't find anything.

I think this is a fun idea!

can you change the title to 'seasons' however so people can find them, i realise they might be spelt a certain way but mainly for the search functionality really.

Done :)

You're a cool shorts. Attention to summer will definitely be over.

i guess is a seasonal underpant just as the name goes
cool design

These is so cool,moisture colour changing pants

Yeah! this is really cool and I want have one :)

Whoop! @toffer I like the way are you hunting a cool product, How you find such a cool product. And I never hear that it changes color It is also used as a swimming custom.


Thanks @tornad same as you, you are always hunting a cool product too. :)

They are very good, these pants are a color to the water and it is another great thanks for sharing them

They look super fun these pants, it's great to change color in the water, great hunting

I just love it and in blue water swimming with this one will be really a lot of fun and this si something everyone would appreciate and that color changing is just next to miracle.

It's a brilliant idea. We don't need different swim shorts for colour diversity.

This is awesome. It the changing when water touches it only represent chameleon as I assumed. Thanks for this product.

Nice hunt

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