Rumble - E-bike that Will Blow Your Mind

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E-bike that Will Blow Your Mind



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Yo steemians I digged up some cool stuff for ya today. This well designed electric motorbike is something worth talking about since it's max speed is up to incredible 70 km/h and its range about 100 km when fully charged. It takes only 2- 3 hours charging and you are good to go. I really think this is awesome product for weekend travelers :)



Hunter: @trueanarchist

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Nice Hunt @trueanarchist

Pros / Cons


  • The best of Rumble is "Unique Design". This is very unusual and can trigger the attention of many people.
  • E-bike. of course this will be very environmentally friendly.
  • High Max Speed up to 70 km / h


  • Nothing. but the price is very expensive, $ 3,490.00 USD.

My Opinion:

  • The design is really cool, but I'm confused how I can ride my girlfriend. LOL

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Interesting design and specs , but I am not really sure how the riding position will play out for long distances.I went whoosh when they mentioned world wide delivery.nice dig.

Appreciate your review. I assume it is much more comfortable than it looks like, at least I hope so. :)

Hey bro your bike looks awesome

A great hunt indeed @trueanarchist! This is a cool hunt and a cool bike.

  • the speed is incredibly fast for an e-bike
  • it only took a few hours to charge

cons: none so far

I think that our cool dads will love this e-bike. Thanks for this hunt @trueanarchist :)

Hi @trueanarchist, i really liked your product and here is my opinion about Rumble.


  • There is no harm for nature
  • Top Speed is really enough for short trips
  • Design looks pretty enough

Cons: There is non for me

I think it's very useful product for the weekend travelers as you said.


  • The speed is affordable

  • The motor is cool and unique with its shape

  • allows us to charge the electricity during the night at bedtime


  • can not control with long distance because it is difficult to fill his power in the middle of the road.


This is my opinion about your hunt


  • For those of you who love electronic goods that use electric power, I suggest to have this electric-powered bike, because it will provide 70km distance, and maximum 100km. and you just charge 2-3 hours, so you can use it again.
  • Use this motorcycle to travel with someone you love, will give a beautiful and fun impression :)


  • None for this hunt

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I didn't know what to do these days.
Thanks for the good information. I'll come and see you often.
nice up vote :)

nice bike!