I guess I'm back on Hive after Leaving Steem

in #steemit-refugee3 years ago


Strange things happen.

I more or less abandoned this platform, which was called Steemit... but the still exists... sort of... All Forked Up (AFU) as opposed to SNAFU.

Anywho... The Steem blockchain went all crazy last fall, and I lost track of posting. Other things became more important. And then I saw a few postings about Steemit being purchased by Tron, and began the exit process to see if I could retain some portion of the $3.00 value of my account.

And then HIVE !

Awesome work one and all. I am very impressed at the speed of the transition, as well as the completeness. There's even a hive-engine to start experimenting with token creation.

However, Drama token doesn't seem to be available on the HIVE market yet. Oh well!


I suppose I'll need to start posting something or another from time to time and see what happens.

In my travels, I've discovered BAT and STORJ. I've earned much more coin in both of these ecosystems than I think I will ever earn on HIVE (new/old STEEM). However, the social aspect of social media seems to be more in reach with HIVE. So, here's hoping to a bright future on the platform with the train heading off to new and richer horizons.


Welcome back ...

If you have twitter link, I'm happy to send you a or two!


Unfortunately, I don't have a Twitter account as I'm unwilling to support that particular platform.