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Hello, Steemians! For those of you who don't know my media production history (a long and winding road and a long strange trip it's been) I had a radio show for six months in 2010, a TV show for four months in 2011, and have been independent since then, producing videos, podcasts, and written content erratically online. One of the most important elements for building and growing an audience online is consistency. People need to know every time they go to wherever they go to find your content, that there is going to be something fresh. I have been pretty consistent in putting out regular fresh content, but very inconsistent in format. My times of greatest growth were the times of greatest consistency, like when I was doing ADAM VS THE MAN as a three-hour live podcast with guests and callers plus a scripted 20-minute show M-F. Now, my production formula is focused around Steemit, so here is my current production/Steemit formula:

(7 days/week)
Four main types of posts which will total no more than four posts per day:
1 -Up to 1 known person interview (this could be at an event or remote)
2 - Up to 2 "man-on-the-street" videos (I will dedicate if necessary one day/week to filming these and should be able to get at least seven good videos in a day)
3 - Up to 2 podcast videos (podcast will be just 1/week but very long, up to three hours, covering all the news of the week and answering email questions)
4 - Up to 1 audio podcast production/forgotten freedom fighter post/written blog post/special announcement/old video when relevant to the current conversation/special event video/interviews on other shows that aren't on Steemit

Only these four main posts will receive a full upvote and if there is a need to post more content, like for announcements, it will be limited to one per day and those posts will only receive a 25% upvote. As always, your suggestions for topics for videos in any format is always welcome and I answer questions by email on the podcast, so please hit me up at [email protected].

Up to 2 original memes
Up to 2 candid photos
These will each get a 5% upvote and one will get RSed every day until that channel has built up some following and then be scaled back to once every few days.

Helping Others:
Six full upvotes minimum per day to the rest of the community (possibly more so long as voting power stays above the 80% threshold) distributed as follows:
4 (minimum) in full upvotes and RSs for four best posts of the day and introduction posts
1 for comments - upvoting comments at 1-3% strength until it adds up to a 100% upvote
1 in ~10% upvotes for good content across the platform

I am also following the @tribesteemup curation trail with a 7% upvote and encourage everyone else to do the same.

To bring people to Steemit:

  • I encourage people at live events and talk to people who are already producing content to publish on Steemit and let them know that I can help with resteems and upvotes.
  • I have an autopost set up on Facebook that posts every 24 hours asking people to #leaveloudly and letting them know that they can find my content here.
  • I promote Steemit content on my @adamkokesh Twitter account.
  • On Instagram, I regularly post screen shots of Steemit posts.
  • When I do interviews, I usually plug Steemit when appropriate.
  • I have buttons for Steemit featured prominently on my websites.


Some of the money I earn on Steemit goes to pay my producer, Cody Adams. https://steemit.com/@mickeybeaves. 90% of what's left after that goes to my activism in one form or another. From now until it is complete, all funds available from Steemit will go to fund Operation Big Easy Book Bomb.

This is #mysteemitformula. I encourage you to make a similar post and help build this amazing community!


I love that there's some semblance of a business model to your work. I've always wanted to host my own show for years and watching you kickass here is very inspiring. You're consistancy is next level though. You're too hot to follow sir..

Do it!!

Sir yes sir!!

Now that you support @tribesteemup, I'm putting a large part of my life energy into raising the vibration of the collective Steemit Field and empowering every individual in it so that every single person on this platform is an empowered innovator with massive impact. I think that what we're all doing here is literally laying the foundation to change the fabric of every person on the planet's lives, and it's of utmost importance. Your support of this project is important. Thank you. 🙏 You're part of my appreciation list now. Every day you get blasted with super rich energy in my meditation.

Wonderful stuff; it's great to share how well we can each support a wide swath of the community!

I posted my own #mysteemitformula too :-)

Very nice comment sir.... best of luck

really has put his heart here, all this work seems to be long hours dedicated to steemit, I have only 6 months active here and I don't have a formula yet, but I feel very good documenting myself, reading and commenting as much as I can, I guess I will make some friends and with that I am already winning, I will take into account many of your tips, sure they will help me to have success, happy night friend.

I really like the idea of inviting people through other social networks, I think we should be more open with new users of steemit. A few days ago I joined a trail and in my opinion I feel it is a good way to support the community in steemit and I know that step by step we will be a bigger community. Your formula seems well thought and worked, I hope you go very well when you start using it.

Good strategies! You are doing a lot of good work for the community and to promote Steemit. Keep it up :)

@adamkokesh You've definitely been consistent in creating quality, meaningful content. You're always consistent with your values.
We upstarts on Steemit.com, and life if I may add, look up to people like you.

May you continue to reap the rewards of your hard work

You have always tried hard to create good content and that is something that is valued, I really hope you continue like this, many of your ideals and thoughts I share it, your formula seems incredible and I think I will start applying it! Regards

your ideas are always interesting in encouraging the steemit community to create similar posts and help build this amazing community! great formula in steemit campaign, I will follow your formula @adamkokesh
I also like to promote to my friends for #deletefacebook and #joinsteemit
as I've been doing all along
Thank you @adamkokesh

I've brought a lot of people onto steemit but keeping them have been the problem because of my lack of steem power.
No matter how quality you're work is or how fulfilling you feel by putting it out there there's no joy when it doesn't gets the recognition and reward it deserves.
This is going a long way, your support.

Thanks! See if you can get them on the trail or on a another trail or start your own! The mechanisms of rewarding solid content are continuously getting better.

I just started @kabolo trail recently even though most of the Steem power is currently delegated.
Life on steemit feels better when you're sure of getting rewards on your efforts.

Mr.President, how are you? I am reading your steemit formula and I love the way you still use othe social media to promote steemit. I think that is the best campaign for all steemian whi want to be a real public figure like you. I will try your formula ASAP. Thanks,

Regards from Bireuen, Indonesia.

Thank you sooo much for promoting $teemit.com. There's no doubt that you'll bring a ton of new minnows to our pond, soon to be lake & then an ocean. U da man right here! Full $teem ahead!

Thing about the tribesteemup curation trail it seems pretty exclusive, and just saw a post that one simply cant join. So a little confused about that. Maybe clarify that a bit. I do understand i need to do the best post I can do, and I always strive to make each post better then the next. But one thing I think on why people come on to steem and then leave is they get discouraged because they fell there post has to be perfect. But I do agree one does need to at least put some effort into a steem post. But how will we change the world if we keep shunning people away from this wonderful platform?

Also keep in mind that anyone can make their own trail and there are hundreds if not thousands of others out there to find and support. And of course keep creating your content and reach out to people like Kenny and others who have created trails and find out what it will take to get you on board.

Yeah, Steemauto has been pretty useful for me. I’ve managed to get a nice balance of %age to distribute amongst the electronic music crew on here in order to help build the community. Vibe I’m after is everybody pulling together to build community rather than oscillating around a huge central entity. Hopefully self-sustaining that way. Potential for little collectives to band together and make their own curation trails, that sort of thing.

True. I still have a lot of learning about this platform still. Also I believe everyone has their own opinion on what this platform is. Which is a great example of the potential steemit has. Thanks for your response and thanks for the contribution you make. I was pretty stoked to see you on steem, cause you are the first person who told me about bitcoin! It was a video you made a long time ago telling people how to buy dmt on the Silk Road. Haha ✌️

Yes the point of a curation trail is to be exclusive, so that the people in it fit a certain niche or fit a desired need, which then creates the value for others wanting to follow the trail. If you follow that trail, you know you are supporting people who create good content on the platform and you only know that because it is exclusively handpicked by Kenny, who is a trusted Steemian by the community at large. Otherwise the votes would just be going out to everyone and then there would be no point for a trail to exist or function.

I am your everyday post like this..... best of luck

this is a great formula to support steemit growth, you are one of those who promote steam like our father @stephenkendal did #joinsteemit and #deletefacebook You must be consistent in creating quality and meaningful content.You are always consistent with your values.We are standing on Steemit.com
Thanks you mr @adamkokesh
You is the best

Highly rEsteemed!

This is a nice formula, that is what a true leader should have. A President should always have a plan and also put down modalities to help others. Adam Kokesh is good for the job.

I will drop similar post tomorrow

Stoked for the Big Easy Book Bomb!!! I can't wait until all of my friends in town are like "I got this weird book in the mail..." and the window opens for me to discuss ideas with them!

Adam, thank you for sharing this! I love the idea of others doing the same and sharing their "formula." This will help so many!!!! I've seen the efforts you're making to spread the word about this blockchain far and WIDE! huge gratitude!!! re-steemed your last few posts. will continue!!!

Kokesh 2020!

Kokesh 2020!

You have a wonderful history in media production
You have wonderful experiences in 2010
Thank you for the wonderful information you provided us
We have really benefited from your experience

I think that is the best campaign for all steemian whi want to be a real public figure like you. I will try your formula ASAP. Thanks,

Regards from Bireuen, Indonesia

Good idea, your formula is nice thank you for share it so i want to vote and resteem your formula or your nice idea

Your formula sounds good, seems its something that you developed after alot of trials. Can it be applicable to all situations and does it work all the time?

That's a great history of steemit, I appreciate this steemit formulation.... thanks for sharing this post. best of luck my friend.....

Your steemit post encourage me .Thanks dear your inspirational post resteemit done.

wow this is a tremendous challenge, if only I could do it, you are a hard worker @adamkokesh

I have become your loyal followers of my president @adamkokesh, from you leaving facebook and joining in the beloved media of steemit, your formula is always so guidance for me. i like your interesting idea mister @adamkokesh in using social media and encourage people in live event and talking to people who have produced content for publication in Steemit and telling them that I can help with exciting things.
Thanks for this

your father's struggle is very good may father achieved what father @adamkokesh want.

I'm Sory my techer Mr @adamkokesh
The question @adamkokesh. I want to ask your opinion about slavery, if you do not mind to visit for my post about slavery has reduced human values.

slavery must be abolished on earth

Thanks for this

I see it is good formule make creative man how to be the best creator and how to be the best promotion. Steemit is a good situs and a good street be come succes take and give pioner program. Good luck @adamkokesh

Great breakdown Adam. Once we build out our Steemit/Dtube accounts we will definitely be taking a look at this post again to use as a model.

hey adam! just did #mysteemitformula based on your and kenny's inspiration! your post really inspired me to reflect on my habits and intentions. here's my post if you're interested. i mentioned you and kenny in it. thanks so much too for being a part of @tribesteemup. it's changing our lives and inviting in the age of abundance in a real way!!! thanks for being you and leaving loudly and living loudly!! <3

@adamkokesh Sir I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a upvote and follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!
your one upvote change my life.
please accept me.

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for sharing.
Well!! Hie.. I'm a newbie.
Here is the link to my post. Upvote if you like the content. thanks!


Sounds like a good way to be on Steemit. 👍 I'll see if I can post my own formula.

And ooops looks like this was from 3 months ago. 😅

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