Weiss Ratings Upgrades STEEM to the #1 cryptocurrency tied with EOS. Why is no one talking about this?????????

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I saw several reddit posts from subscribers of the Weiss report who have exclusive access to weekly upgrades and downgrades. Apparently, Steem got upgraded to a B and Etherium downgraded to a B-. This places Steem at the top spot with EOS. I clicked on the link and verified it. This got me pretty excited and I did a comprehensive google search and steemit search for more verification of this story but to no avail. How is there no news on this or social media post?

This is strong evidence of how inefficient the crypto market is. Eventually, when institutions and news aggregators enter the space, this type of information will be available immediately and for a marginal cost. In my opinion, this is a trader's dream right now.

If someone knows more about what's going on, please comment.


Thanks @airbud23 it shows we are still 'early adopters'. Hope the world catches up!

Thanks for this informative post.

Thank you. Will you please resteem?


Maybe most of people don't know that. Thats why we didn't see any post about it. Hopefully it will discuss recently.

Will you resteem it?

Ofcourse. I already resteem it. We all need to know more about this matter. Thanks for reminding me to resteem it.


I don't know. Thanks for sharing us. Resteemed your post.

Nice and don't know why no body care about it.

I think people do care! They just don't know about it; that's why I felt compelled to share this and get the ball rolling with information discovery from the community.

Resteeming it. So more people can know about it. Thanks

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This is great for Steem... resteemed.

Kenapa orang orang tidak tau bahkan tidak mau tau ?

Padahal ini sangat bagus .

You’d be the first person passing this information. No one can’t be so mindless of not knowing and not talking about it, you did and you talked about it. You might among the first set of people to lay your hands on the information. Thanks for drawing our observations to it . Very informative post. Keep it up @airbud.


I think most of the people doesn't know this... even I didn't knew... Thanks for sharing...