Dustsweeper: a very useful bot for minnows.👉

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Greetings Steemians!

I was very busy in the last week. Owing to this, I could not post my blogs. However, I commented and upvoted fellow steemians' posts.

Last week Bitcoin price dipped, and Steem and SBD followed Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. In this situation Voting Value of Steem users also dipped. Payout of $0.02 almost dropped to $0.01.

I posted in one of my previous post link that payout below $0.02 is worthless. It yields nothing for the vote receiver. This unworthy payout is called dust. I was looking for a resolution of this problem and it came in the form of dustsweeper service link. I used services of @dustsweeper which upvoted my comments at the regular interval and made those comments profitable.


What is @dustsweeper service?

@Dustsweeper is a community bot run by @danielsaori and @davemccoy.
As per the FAQ of dustsweeper service:

@dustsweeper is a service that will take care of your dust.
@dustsweeper will sweep all your comments on the 5th/6th day and upvote it above the $0.02 threshold.
@dustsweeper will vote with an average value of $0.028. Even if there is a price drop before payout, this should be sufficient to stay above the $0.02 dust threshold.
If in rare cases the value would still fall below the threshold, the users will be refunded by adding $0.028 to the balance.
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Let us see how @dustsweeper upvoted my comments and made them profitable.

dust 2.PNG
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Other service which is also very useful for minnows is @steembasicincome. @steembasicincome upvotes steem basic income shareholders posts in regular interval and gives them chance to earn something on this platform. Although, upvote of @steembasicincome is not worth much but it can definitely turn an unprofitable post into profitable.
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Apart from this @dwarrilow2002 has started a website http://www.steemhost.com which is just like an interface of steemit.com and busy.org. Here personalize pages of steemit users get advertisements. If users or visitors see or visit those ads, the steemit user earns some Steem which is delegated to the user in the form of Steem power.
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If you like or find this post useful please upvote and resteem it so that it may reach to many steemit users.



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