What would you prefer - 100% of nothing or 10% of something?

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During the last few days, @krnel wrote a series of posts concerning the pathway that Steemit took.
I would really like to say something blunt, how optimistic I am but actually... This is how I see the current state:

What we see now is the "zero-sum game" and the "economy of redistribution"

Both systems are perfect in the case of an imminent threat. However 99% of all the processes are not "zero-sum game". If you gain something it doesn't mean that someone has lost.

And that's the key to understand what needs to be done and how the paradigm of thinking must change in the minds of the major stakeholders.

What do you want? You want to earn more coins - good for you!

But here is the catch, you can't earn as much as the price can drop!

If you want the price to goes up! you need to attract more people.
For more people, you need good content.
In order to get good content, you must pay good authors.

Yes, you will lose 10% of your precious earnings, but if you drive the price to become 10 times higher you will achieve massive win!

Pay some good authors!

  • visit tag "Utopian-io", boost the posts a little bit, those people are seriously promoting Steem(it)
  • delegate something to @steemstem , their authors can produce valuable content that can be No1 on Google

The first 4 of 4!? posts are written by @miroslavrc from the local @steemstem community @yu-stem

Why you don't support them instead?!

Earn a bit less, but drive the price UP!

Or... At least... Support individual authors who are pro.

Don't think that Steemit is too big to fall. It's big enough to make a spectacular crater instead...


However 99% of all the processes are not "zero-sum game". If you gain something it doesn't mean that someone has lost.

Amen to that, brother!


It is also worth noting that for the low SP users, such as myself, upvoting the highly popular posts isn't profitable. The best bet for profiting is to spread the wealth, "investing" votes in good, unknown Steemians.

Searching for, and upvoting new writers is not only good for the price of Steem, but also for your own wallet.

I discussed this several months ago here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@spbeckman/curation-myths-minnows-and-implications-post017

True! Quality should be No1 priority.

Another important question should be the reason why people are using Steemit?

For example, I have my favourite car magazine, I have my favourite tech magazine... I like Instagram...

This is why I think that the future of Steemit is in "clusters", communities with common content.

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