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If you are feeling down and unmotivated, don't start sharing it on the block-chain and bug people about it.
This is a feeling you have, and it is your own responsibility making your self feel better.
Don't write if you can't contribute in a positive way. Find solutions rather than stating the problem.

Dont make people feel bad.

Morale can be seen as the thread that hold the patchwork together. It is much easier to destroy the morale, than keeping it up.
In a small community you should safeguard the morale at all cost.

A small story about how moral can be held up, I can take a example from my own life in the army.

We had set up camp, stationed by our officers, in a fucking swamp. A bog.
It was dry, but as the rain started pouring our tents was flooded.
Were 8 men in the tent with 4 people on duty at alltime on post nearby.
We had been awake for 2 days straight and as the tent was flooded moral was low.
There was no possibility to sleep lying down.
This one person was so frustrated by the situation that he went rambling.
He was furious, and put him in place, because he was ruining the moral of all the others.
He threatened me with a bayonet, and said he was going to stab me. But I just told him if he put it down it would be
no problem after. Then he started crying.
But when we as a group comforted him, he felt better-
and next, I we were sitting on our helmets back to back sleeping.

There is a Chinese wisdom word saying:

It is better to light a candle, than complaining about the dark.

Remember this.

"It is better to light a candle, than complaining about the dark."


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I like your attitude! Leave the moaning and whining to Facebook and Twitter - as they are riddled with it already...

It serves no purpose to moan. Just look for a solution! Simple! That way you help yourself and you help others in the process!

Thank you Jaynie : ) I think atleast it is important to search for solutions if one have a problem with something.

Interesting post, @bymma. You seem to have a very positive outlook on life and I enjoy your story.

It is important to remember though that it's okay to ask for help. If we have learned one thing from the recent loss of Chester Bennington, it is that sometimes whining isn't just whining.

Of course, finding a solution is optimal but for some things, seeking help is an important part of the solution. If you're caught in a funk you can't seem to be able to pull yourself out of, ask someone to give you a hand.

What was the story with Chester Bennington?

He committed suicide two days ago.

The essence I've taken from the OP's story is that whining can just be a cry for help and that it doesn't help to bring people down. If you have the ability to do so, reach out to the people. Even if most people whining just do so for attention and there might not be anything "actually" wrong, there are cases where support and help is needed.

Yes I agree wholeheartedly, if one was to use steemit to try reaching out for help I would never frown upon it. The problem is that it is so easy to overlook things like that. Especially at steemit. Most users have maybe 8 views, and those are maybe not capable or willing to support.

I would actually recommend the discords for that type of pledges. I have noticed depressed people writing on discord asking how to cope with their situation, and they get support and talks on dm. It is always fine to ask for help.

Thanks for your input! : )

I'm a very new "steemer" and just started a day ago, so sorry for asking the beginner-questions: What is the "discord"? Is this steemit specific or something else?

For people who don't suffer from severe mental problems it's hard to understand how deeply crippling they can be. I am luckily not affected by mental diseases but I try to keep my ears and eyes open and have made it (one of) my tasks to help whenever I can on steemit.

I have been in dark places, so I can understand from own experiences, and I to hope to support and guide with the best of my knowledge to the people in need.
Especially people lacking self-esteem, because that is something I have and can share. It is so easy giving a little boost to the ones that are lacking. Acknowledgement is important.

Here is a invitation to steemspeak. Its a community within the steemit-circle with a wide range of topics, and controversial subjects. The voice chat is most recommended, sometimes it is like a "radio" you can chime in to.

You, and any other interested are most welcome : )

Good Article. If we are doing some work in a group then its always good to support each other.

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