Can anyone answer this question about Steem Now?

in #steemit4 years ago

I believe most steemians must have heard of Steem Now.  

It is a tool that, among other things, lets you check your daily Steemit rewards, and more specifically “Curation today”, “Author today”, “Curation yesterday”, and “Author yesterday” earnings. 

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Recently, I have noticed that although I haven’t been directly rewarded for any of my activity (as I didn’t write any posts or comments, or my posts or comments did not get any upvotes and rewards), Steem Now showed some “Author today” and/or “Author yesterday” rewards. 

This happened after more than one month passed from the day that I had any type of activity (posts or comments) on Steemit. 

How can this be possible, I mean getting rewards while being inactive? These rewards do not show in my wallet. 

Does anyone have any idea?