QuarkChain Announces a Strategic Partnership with CBNT

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A new media model is emerging, combining blockchain technology and tokenomics. CBNT is building a decentralized blog platform; With QuarkChain's high throughput network, will they achieve a decentralized and highly-efficient next generation blog?

CBNT (Create Breaking News Together) is a decentralized blog platform based on blockchain technology and an ecosystem model of DPGC (Decentralized Professional Generated Content). CBNT has a unique model of: participating is mining; in which writing content, liking and commenting all counts towards mining. With an internal incentive mechanism, a positive interaction will be forged between authors and viewers, and high-quality content will be generated. At Create Breaking News Together, due to the unique mining model, a large number of transactions will be recorded on chain, with the goal of being a truly decentralized project. CBNT is eager to find a blockchain with high performance.

The mainstream blockchains, like Ethereum, are not adequate for the needs of CBNT. Limited throughput ability will affect the transaction processing speeds, or even trigger network congestion. This is especially true in high-frequency processing scenarios, like content sharing and social mining. In addition, the high GAS fees also stop users' willingness to interact on the CBNT platform, thus a new blockchain is needed!

With its high throughput, flexibility, and performance, QuarkChain is qualified to solve the above problems. On the QuarkChain network, transactions at any time and place will be completed and confirmed quickly, on the grounds of its sharding technology. As the number of shards increase, the transaction speed will increase in a linear way. The TPS on mainnet is expected to reach 100K+, and the testnet has already achieved a speed of 14000+ TPS. With QuarkChain's high thorough put network, they give the max potential to achieve a decentralized and highly efficient next-generation blog.

The QuarkChain network supports multiple programming languages, virtual machines, and consensuses with the sharding technology. Thus, without much work to do, the projects and DApps that have been built on the Ethereum blockchain can be easily transmitted to the QuarkChain. Due to the scalability design for multi consensuses, projects can be built on different sharding layers with POW, POS, or other consensus mechanisms based on their respective needs. QuarkChain owns a multi-coin ecosystem, which is more flexible and efficient. This means that tokens that are built on QuarkChain will enjoy the benefits of the QKC token.

The transparency and tokenomics of blockchain technology will make the incentive mechanism on the CBNT platform open and accessible to all users. This will drive the next generation of high-quality content; while a public chain with high throughput and high flexibility technology, like QuarkChain, will provide a crucial cornerstone to a high-performance and decentralized media platform.

The CBNT Chinese Dapp and English website have been launched and together have over 100,000 users; and also this month, CBNT will be listed on Bibox exchange. Visit website at: web.cbnt.io; to start mining now and to learn more.

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