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It's really sad to see what has become of this place with the toxic free downvotes that are being abused like crazy and non-linear reward curve which totally killed all accounts that aren't inside the 'honest curation circle'. I also mentally gave up on Steem. The only way to make it work in my view is to just scrap the entire upvote reward pool system making it proof of stake. There is just no reason whatsoever to power up right now and a million reasons to cash out converting Steem into other more valuable coins. Price increase goes hand in hand with new people coming in, yet it's impossible for new accounts to get anything going with these new rules. Small-mid sized accounts have reasons to give up, passive investors also have reasons to sell and so do the ones for who the new rules caused a huge increase in earnings.

Basically the only thing that keeps Steem alive is Steemmonsters right now.


I totaly agree. I was one of the lucky once who was here when you could build up something. It took some time. But i have been bottlenecked by the new rules. The whales are killing the system.