Making large on a Steemit Blog

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Wow, my last blog made $14, much more than anything for a year or so. I didn't buy any support, and I made no deals. Actually I was thinking of giving up wasting time around here, and was saying so. It's funny just a little bit of support from the community makes a huge difference and really lifted my spirits. I feel like it worth hanging around and contributing from time to time, and seeing how it goes over another year. Let's face it, VOICE has not gone anywhere and many of us left because we thought that would take off.

How are you all doing out there in Steemit land?

I hope many of you are finding a purpose and some support, financially or at least in community and feedback. That was what hurt me the most, so many blogs going without any support or feedback. So many of the whales here have it all worked out with groups of people sending them curation money, and I got sick of buying bot rewards at lower than I paid for them.

I see a lot of people doing alright on Dtube, maybe that is a thing I could give a try.
My music and my art got nowhere here, I was actually shattered and couldn't face putting up another blog. Anyway now I have one bit of support from the people who make a difference, I want to see if I can get it from time to time again.

I wouldn't have a clue the right topic to write on, and I don't have the skill to write heaps and haps of technical drivel to amuse the intellects here.

My music and my art, are all I am really here for, but maybe I better start talking about Steemit and crypto.

Anyway, love you all. It is a funny thing to be bought back into the fold when I was so close to all out.

Rock on - David. IMG_7538.JPG


You gotta do what you love and do the best you can do with it. And commenting around the place and making friends helps too, or at least helped me XD

Anyway if you start posting music and art again maybe think about using the creativecoin tag, which will also get you the ccc tokens because more tokens, and it's also a lot cleaner than the art tag (which may be fine now but was a bit of a train wreck the last time I looked at it ages ago).

I have no idea how to go about using a creativecoin tag - I haven't been keeping up with whats been going on here obviously -- thanks for the clue -- can I trade these coins on an exchange now or in the future - how do I go about using this token? Sorry I really have missed the boat and haven't been learning whats going on here. Any help would be appreciated -- I will start to do an hour a day here again and see what I can build up from nothing again.. In my first couple of years here I did make and since withdraw a couple of thousand in crypto, and I would love to start again and see if I can achieve something similar again.. love and light to you my friend - David

The tribe is called creativecoin, you can use its own front end which will add the tag automatically, or you can just use it literally as a tag like how you normally add tags to a post (easiest way if you're particularly attached to whatever front end you're using).

ccc is a steem engine token and you can buy or sell it on there for steemp (steem peg which can be traded for steem or a whole pile of other tokens that have cropped up with the tribes). I'm pretty sure they're only tradable on steem engine at this point and have no idea if there's any plans to put them on anything else, but they can be traded for steem so I guess you can indirectly? You should just be able to log in to steem engine with your posting key so maybe poke in and have a look around.

Tribes and the steem engine tokens seem to have been what happened when some people got too impatient waiting around for communities and SMTs to happen if that helps :)

amazingly generous of you to take the time to explain all this to me, I have missed so much and I really appreciate you helping me to find my way here again. Rock on my friend - love and light to you

No worries, if you get stuck just ask (even if it's as a post if you're not on any of the Discords), there are kind souls out there who will help you out :) (or me if I see it XD)