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The time has finally come again for our weekly community challenge . As of now the previous challenge is closed and the winner will be announced in my next post, all posts will get a vote and the winner will get their prize. Even if you do not belong to the African community you may still join in on the fun.

This coming weeks topic is:

Ways to promote steemit to family and friends and those around us

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Community challenge

Topics for voting:

  • Ways to promote steemit to family and friends and those around us.
  • The new steemit logo.
  • This monkey pox scare is just overdone
  • Power Solutions for Africa
  • The hidden beauties of Africa
  • Power Solutions for Africa
  • The Buddy System

Some more info:

The guidelines are as follows:

  • There are no strict guild lines.
  • Try be creative and do things that no one else will do, make the topic 'wow' people.
  • There will be a few rewards for interesting and amazing content that is on topic.
  • This project will be evaluated each week and stats will be collected, based on the stats there will be more given to this project.


As this project is new and still in the testing faze there is no huge prize.

1st person will get a 100% upvote from me. This will amount to $4 on their post (depending on price of STEEM and my VP)

Each participant from our community will get voted on, vote weight will depend on the activity and interaction of the person in the challenge.

To become 1st, here are a few guidelines and tips:

  • Be interactive and participate with the intentions of helping others out who also are participating.
  • I don't give away anything for free as I would rather teach self reliance. Thus all votes given will be dependent on your activity in this project.
  • Creativity is within everyone and I will be looking for things that are out of the ordinary or extraordinary.
  • Posts must stay on topic and the opening line/heading must be captivating.
  • Support will be the key to becoming 1st

On a side note

This project was originally designed to be a fun activity to keep members within the community active and supportive of each other. Thus this will continue to be the main focus, the focus will not be on rewards and prizes, but there will be rewards for those who work hard and participate and support.

Use the #communitychallenge tag on your posts and submit them into the same channel on discord (where the discussions happen).

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Great idea!

Great will grow faster

Wow nice post from you there, live to get more. Great info..
I Upvoted it, it's good

Thanks a lot. Let's go people. The community challenge is educative as it is entertaining. Let's keep the creative juice flowing.

Hi @dragonslayer109. May I be invited to the channel on discord? Thanks.
I will also be entering into the contest #communitychallenge.

Be interactive and participate with the intentions of helping others out who also are participating.

How do I know others that are participating?


Hey @seyiodus, all the answers you seek are readily available on the United Africa Discord Community.
See link here:

See yah! Cheers!


@nairadaddy thanks for the info.

Hi @seyiodus Happy to connect. Did you take part in the challenge? I also wanna be part of the community.

Hello @jeanwandimi nice to meet you. I want to join the channel an also participate.


Great good opportunity for us and you also promoted steemit through this post and motivate us

Hello @dragonslayer109, I like the work you are doing here man. The challenge has helped me and others channel our creative energies towards solving our society's problems especially here in Africa.

Thanks for the amazing initiative. Cheers!


Dear @dragonslayer109. I am looking forward to participating in this #communitychallenge Thanks for this. Cheers!
How can one becme part of the community?

Last week's challenge was amazing and I participated

Hey @jeanwandimi, you are welcome to participate in the challenge. The name of the community is United Africa Server. Join with this link:

See yah! Cheers!


Thankyou. :)

what a community it was,,,steemit

done something on my blog then i up in this passion,plese

i like it very much, upvote done

I'm in! Challenge accepted! Hmm, now to brainstorm...

Hi there, I may sound silly but what It It we are supposed to do, create a post on where we talk about the topics you have given above? I haven't seen a post like this before so I am intrigued but I want to be clear on what It Is that Im doing. Regards pal 😄

What a great way to get more people involved in the community.

Nice post. Good luck everybody :)

This looks interesting and fun, thanks @dragonslayer109

Visit my blog too and follow me the idea is to help us, also like my publications I will do the same for you.

Hi @dragonslayer109 Just a quick word of thanks for supporting our charity in South Africa with your kind votes! Thank you. Blessings! Stephen

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Wow! so awesome illustrations! Upvoted and followed! Wishing to be as grow my skills to draw like that!

Hello @dragonslayer109
It's a great idea. I am very interested about this.