Community goals, how we define them and stick to them on steemit.

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What are communities base on? Some might say it is all about the people leading it. Some say it is all about what everyone can get from it. Others say it is all about the people within it. So what is the right answer?

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To find this answer one must look at everything. The leaders, the people and what they are their to gain and give.

Once we know what the community is base on then we can set goals, you get some communities that are base on supporting members within the community. This we often see on steemit, there are leaders curators and new users. Each with their roles to play within this community.

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Looking at one community I have been running with the help of many other people our goals are based on what the community needs to grow. We would never set goals to stop the growth of the community or the people within it.

Some of our goals:

One goal that stands above the rest is supporting each other. This is the main goal of the African community and is often mistaken for: We support new members in the African community. Although the major work within the community is about supporting new members, this is not what the main focus is on.

Recently I have had a chat with many people to help provide a solution to the problem above.

How do we stick to goals:

Each goal has its unique challenges and the best way to stick to all the goals of the community is to tie them all back to the main objective of the community. Rules get changed, new rules come in and new goals are made all based around the main goal or objective.

For each goal a set of rules is put out and even future rules are established, this is one of the best ways to stick to the goals set within the community.

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The way for us to grow as a community is to help bring unity to all aspects of what we do. There are so many talented people that post amazing things everyday, and as we collectively strive to make a difference, it will be possible!

This is very true, we all need to help each other grow.

I voted for you and followed you, you will vote and follow me

The community is what we have left after everything. Joining steemit without knowing it is relevant is a sure way of shooting oneself in the foot.

Oh yes very true :D

Some learned the hard way :)

I have written a post on this subject and posted it on community challenges discord channel, will u plz check it out
Ps:I've suggested that topic and well wrote on it 😀😀

One goal that stands above the rest is supporting each other

Apt. Things fall apart when there's no support in a community.

...the best way to stick to all the goals of the community is to tie them all back to the main objective of the community...

Works for me too.. Nicely done @dragonslayer109. Expect my input shortly.

community thought they should be going well, but we thought we r going way good on steemit,,,,

My friend you really define the community we know community is not of a person. It's about a group of people were some of them are the leaders to home all those other follow and there are not just one but many litres are all having their own thoughts and according to the thoughts we like we go to that community we all have different mind and different thoughts so it is not possible ever that we all think with a single thought and in single direction community is very important because it gives a feeling that we are safe with some peoples thanks for your great post over here

I think we're building, honestly. What matters is that a community remains, even after the founders or the ones who built it are gone.
Steemit is about interaction, to me, about meeting like-minded people (and others with different views than yours), it's about the people.
Nice article :)

done and help any thing in my post how strong me in this passion kind to me,,,DEAR

Great post. This platform is very positive and supportive and I love returning the support to who i can :)

big thanks to steemit. every since i joined as a member outside the side benefits, i can say with great joy that steemit has really help in my thinking and reading skills..
i don't waste my like on other social media chatting and viewing people's pictures (what a total waste of time) like on Facebook, i now see it as a parasites gaining from my time wasted.

one love❤ to steemit..#community 🙌

Everyone talking about supporting others but people supports only their close friends, people generally give up vote to earn money not for the posts. If you find a fine unknown supporter dont leave him/her ever :)

i like your post

@dragonslayer109, the African community is minute, we need to stick together, in other to achieve this set goal

nice we have same thoughts about a community. I am helping one of ours too. God bless!

It is one thing to make goals, it is another to keep it and stick to it. We need to stick to these goals and continue to renew it to suit the community as we continue to grow.

Encourage everyone in the community to love it and maintain other and decipline as this would also go along way in keeping the community and its goals.

Thank you @dragonslayer109 for the wonderful initiative. Well done.

Well done man!

It is truly important to support everyone we can I must say your post does say it all.

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Yes, supporting the community that we belong to is the first step in improving our system here at ateemit @dragonslayer109

with everyone's effort together we can :)

wonderful initiative that's goin' bring the whole African continent together.

Well done @dragonslayer109, thanks for taking part in the United Africa #communitychallenge #2. I have written a post with all submissions and yours is an integral part.

Visit the post and let me know what you think ( See you in the next challenge