Steemit beginner tips and guidelines

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I have recently invited a whole bunch of people to steemit and things seem to be doing alright for them. But things could be going so much better, and they could be developing a lot faster.

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So here is my free therapy session for all those who just don't understand why they are not making the big bucks, or at least why they do not see progress in their account.

Step one:


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There comes a point where you figure out that what you are doing is not working.... well duh... But do not worry it can only go up from here.

For many people they write what they want and expect something for it, this is all fine and well when the market price for steem is high. Buy not very effective when the price is low. So what do you do if you are not established.

I think this answer is very simple: Get established, write stuff you know people are going to vote for. For example write thing that you know projects and curators are looking for. Once you pretty established and don't have to rely on curators finding your posts then you move on to step 2.

Step 2:

Testing the waters

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Here is where you get to have your fun. This is where I started when I first joined steemit as there were no curation projects.

Write different things and see what your followers like more. Sometimes you will find something that will be perfect and get you lots of value and more followers. But sadly you will post something that no one likes, this is life and just keep smiling.

Play around with the top trending tags and even see what you are better at writing.

There is a lot more strategy to steemit than what meets thee eye.

Step 3

Forget all previous steps!

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You probably wondering why is put the first 2 steps in this post if I told you to forget them. It might be because this is the most important step and I just needed to have more content in this post...

Well only part of that is true. This is the most important step and the reason why you can forget the others is because, joining a community will/should teach and guide you through the first few steps. Without a community you will have less support, less opportunity, less networking options with cool people and you might even look lonely to other users on steemit.

Now that you have this final step go forth my fellow friends and conquer steemit

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Community is your support base, your safety net when things aren't going as well as you'd like. You'll probably find when things aren't going well there are others in the same position, which makes it a little easier to persevere. You'll also learn and grow a lot more being engaged within the community(ies) you join. But remember to always be yourself.

This is so true 100%

Great post and information

I'm not certain I agree with all you say - leaving aside the points about community, since I am a bit of a lone wolf and therefore not qualified to comment.

What does happen is that now and then ( a very spaced out now-and-then) somebody takes the trouble to tell me, "Wow, that touched me, I loved it' or some other positive comment - and that keeps me going for a very long time.

Write what others want? Do that and you will not be giving your best.

Write what comes from you, whether it is poetry about pain or fantasies about dragons and warlocks. We each have that special something which we can write about in a way that touches others because it comes from deep within ourselves.

I will not be doing anything but what I have been doing, writing my stories and what I care about. If doing that does not earn me money, well, lots of my efforts failed to earn me money and I tried to learn from them, but never regretted what I did.

Beginners tips and guidelines are good but step 3 is so funny.

This is a lesson for even those that are finding success. Great presentation!

Thanks for your advice @dragonslayer
I worked really hard on this song and it would be nice if you could check it out
Everyone please take but a minute to check it out
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great job

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Are you sure you read the post at all? :-(

Community is very important on steemit. The soon the newbies and oldbies realise that, the better they enjoy the dividends that follows such decision. Testing the waters is a great tip for the newbies, it is a huge part of knowing what to do, it is like an unofficial feedback from the ecosystem. Awesome simple but amazing tips. Gracias.

You made tremendous points here @dragonslayer, most importantly; one must need to write about what he/she knows about as to be able to communicate appropriately.

Community is another important aspect, one might also need to be identified with people of like minds.

Thanks for sharing.

I @mammasitta opened a 2nd profile because I wanted to know how it feels to be a minnow again and its frustrating. Keep on going? Sure but I feel the newbies and why so many give up again. I will continue my test.....Will report about it at some point.

It will be very interesting to read a comparison and contrast between the two accounts and any important conclusions you might reach. Thanks for offering this service.

Play around with the top trending tags

I kinda disagree with this though
I think the best option is to ignore and do what you do at its best
Everyone has a special light but the question is when will mine shine.

even see what you are better at writing.

100% with this

Superb advice. :-)

What I mean by this is that you might find one of these tags really comfortable. When I first started I played around with them and found out that I am really good at writing things that can be tagged under "life"

I think you missed out one big step! Make as much friends as possible! Very nice post!

That would be networking :D

"But sadly you will post something that no one likes, this is life and just keep smiling".

Boy. Isn't this true!

Hi. I am Jean from Kenya and I am looking for a community to join.

You can join the african community. Here is their discord server link

Ok sir! Will apply and see how I grow. Thanks for sharing

A great post. I enjoyed reading it and I love the last image in it. Just the right one :)

very nice post, good steps for beginners

The concept is quite well understood, anf the aproach is quite wonderful, nevertheless here is a community andvwe all need help to thrive

Great job and information

Good base line guidance and motivates one to strive for quality and provide value to the community. Thanks.

Will have to test the waters!!


We will and we should overcome the period of depression of the starting....the succeed in the future. thanks for such a nice post for the learners

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Lol, this was definitely an interesting post. I like how you put this together.. Upvote!

Nothing can teach you more than your own experience.

Hey @dragonslayer109, you just summarized everything I try to teach newbies into 3 funny steps. I'll be sure to share this post with any noob looking for easy, short and hilarious tips...

Btw that GIF @ the end of your article is too hilarous. Lolx!


Do what we love here at steemit, make friends and that will give us success. We can just contribute what we are good at so we can enjoy our life here in the process. @dragonslayer109

Hello sir. Nice to meet you.
I am actually saving your post to show to my nw invites That is if you don't mind. I am promoting steemit here in South Africa.

Without a community you will have less support, less opportunity, less networking options with cool people and you might even look lonely to other users on steemit.

I was speaking with @nairadaddy recently about communities. This is the most important. We flourish with the help of our community members.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.


Very true till the very end, most newbies(including my self) ponders on their posts wondering why it has gained only a little upvote or comment, I strongly suggest making lots of contents whether quality contents or not in first few days, by doing so you'll have sources for data and statistics, of which had the most upvote/comments and resteem. At least you have something better to do than sulk on your 3 upvote(including your own) 1 comment(the one with "i followed you follow me back!" crap) and no resteem. That's my own personal realization at least. Thanks for sharing vital information, this is very helpful.

The only way to gain influence on this website is from good old-fashioned hard work it seems.

Lets start ahoy Captain !!!

This is a great motivation for the minnows. I'm glad you have us in mind. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for this post. Like everything else, you have to get in there and do it to get good at it. Also, the pic in step #3 should read: "What", "WHAT", "WHY" rather than "Why", Why", WHY" -- LOL.

Thankyou for this post. It will go a long way

Gotta get the feet wet