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For me this picture pretty well sums up the last hard fork and genius idea out of the brain trust of Steemit Inc. and top witness ..... After watching Steemit Inc. employees present at Steemfest I don't think it's there fault. The programmers are solid and the leadership is doing ok but not excellent.

As an example lets look at how Steemit Inc. and Splinterlands preformed during this time period. The biggest difference to me is Aggroed used this time as one stop on a well planned strategic business trip. He hit several conferences and meetings over multi-week trip, spanning several countries, not bad says I. These types of differences add up over time and decide which companies win and which don't.

So here is a great business decision freebie, bring back bid bots. Why in the world would you discourage people spending money to advertise on your platform? Why in the world would you discourage the whales running these services to not be involved with Steem? You will never get "honest" curation. There are people that I follow that have never been "curated" even though they pump out great content regularly (and this has not changed even after all the claims that it would after the latest failed HF).

But, but, but bid bots are bad and trending blah blah blah ... For you rocket scientists spouting this bull shit, advertising is still going on. Now you just pay Steemit Inc. money to get your post featured or whatever instead of paying bot owners for the same service. The only difference is that Steemit Inc. (as we have been reminded time and again is a PRIVATE company) keeps all the money a.k.a centralization VS. bot owners which are multiple active players in steems economy a.k.a decentralization.
Which one is better depends on whether or not you own a piece of THE PRIVATE COMPANY, Steemit Inc.

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Couldn't agree more. Be ready for the the downvotes lol

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There is a divide between catering to investors and catering towards content creators, and unfortunately some of the decisions being made are at odds with the two groups. I don't think this can change as long as the main currency (steem) runs Probably need steemit to be run with an SMT and let steem be the base layer that everything is built upon. In that case we will need to ramp the inflation way down, something like .5% annually or something like that would be my vote.

There is a divide between catering to investors and catering towards content creators

They can and should both be severed at the same. They go hand in hand. Like cake and icing. You need both for the right mix. Bid bots are one of the few things Steem had going right.

But if you have bid bots offering a ROI it throws content discovery completely out the window, in fact all bid bots do because it's indifferent voting. However, I don't subscribe to the content rules all mantra that some around here do, in fact I think we would be better off catering mostly to investors and let the rest sort itself out. A higher steem price fixes a lot of problems. Let steem do everything to encourage people to buy steem and power it up. Let the different apps and smts worry about content discovery.

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