Warning! Steemit Scammers Want Your Account How to Avoid

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The Phishing sites are real & can steal your steemit account! Using high reputation accounts they attack anyone as you see they hit my post and I cannot flag them enough as their reputation is high, look!Screenshot_20180412-173418.png
Stay away from links of even high reputation accounts! Be careful Steemians! Lets hope some of the big accounts I ask come put this scammers rep to 0!

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How to avoid phishing sites & scammers

If you join the discord ask for @dynamicgreentk for help, he is on 18+ hours daily to help you! We also have admins from around the world here to help 24/7
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There is nothing these scammers won't venture into, once they smell money they are there.

This scammers are just everywhere now. They drop comment on almost every post now