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How to turn your upvote into Steempower

I was studying Steemits Blockchain, when this gets my attention:

I thought, wtf is going on here? User @steemsports is powering up all these users and all with the same amount of Steem? I had to look deeper into this....

After visiting his Profile and read his latest Post, immediately I understand this amazing concept behind it.

I am not a gambler, but this one is just brilliant and easy to do. We talk about Sportbets, where you have a 50% chance to turn your upvote into some Steempower :)

First you just have to upvote the Post, to rise the Pot :

after that, just vote for one of the two comments, which is to bet on one, or the other:

And thats it, done !  

To read about all the details and terms to participate, please visit the original post.

This is nice way to get some Steempower even for new members,

 which dont have some Steempower so far.

If you like the Report please follow, re-steem, upvote and comment.


Hey wow, thanks for the mention and detailed instructions. Better than we explained it lol. Luckily the linkback bot showed your link on our post!

Just gave you some love with three dolphin accounts @bravenewcoin , @steemdrive and @thecryptodrive for supporting our @steemsports initiative.

Vote thecryptodrive for witness and help me help the community!

Thanks man! Just voted :)

It is just Brilliant, Love it ! Upvoted and followed :) Keep the bets coming ....
Re-steem my Report if you like.

Thanks for the mention man, deeply appreciate it!

Steem On! :)

You are very welcome :)

Will do forsure! :)

Dolphins +7.5


hahaha looks like i have some fans here :)

This is brilliant!!!
It just gave me an idea... ;-)

Hope it is a good one :) let me know!

Let me keep it for myself for now. Anyway if you look at my previous post no one seems to care actually about his money here... ;)

Interesting stuff, so this is happen right now?
Here the link for everyone:
I only have Steempower, does that count?

Yes, this counts. STEEM and STEEM power counts.

Cool, so thats free money then :)

I'm not a gambler, but there's nothing to lose by taking part in this. You do need a reputation of 35. It's cool to see people finding fresh ways to use Steemit. It opens up new possibilities.

yes, it something different i like it. Is this the reason why we have lately more active users? hahaha

500 new accounts but activity is same. People are losing interest.

At least the rate of active users raised the last 2 days...

I have won some SP from them it's awesome. @bola has great games as well.

Thats cool !

As always another great set of stats and thanks for sharing. Happy to upvote and share this on Twitter✔ for my followers to see. Following. Cheers. Stephen

Dang it....as if I wasn't dipping my toes in enough, now I can gamble on steemit too....ugh, lol.


Great explanation :)) thank you for sharing!

Thanks, glad you like it :)

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