How does steemit define what an active post is ?

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Why are posts with no replies or upvotes at all above posts with many upvotes and replies?

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Maybe the page is currently being viewed or accessed?

There's a lot of issues here, a lot of people are noticing it, saying things, posting on it, etc. Something is amiss, like your comments say.

Good post.

I said it on some of my posts recently that are really well put together posts, lots of work, good formatting, GOOD TOPIC tags and interest online, etc.

The same bunch of authors are being pushed and rewarded by the whales no matter what they post most days. I have been watching this for weeks.

10 hours after you posted this, you only have 3¢ payout and 16 votes for asking a good question here like others have.

I don't think the whales and founders enjoy being questioned a lot of the time, no matter how supportive and just honest and decent we are being about it all. You always risk a flag by a whale for questioning things a lot of the time and some of the comments I see are pretty harsh.

I think this is an undervalued post, given the amount of questions people are asking on these types of issues.

That's pretty interesting to think about it, @freeyourmind. Though I don't know the answer :) Thanks for sharing this post, Upvoted & Followed you as well!

Thank you for upvoting my post, you really helped me go up :D, also your the first user I see with a minus reputation, seems you got flagged for asking too much questions, I sound paranoid now o_o

good post

Yes, that's right, WHY?

dont know im pretty new in steemit ! so check my post abvout my tea garden