Thanks for the upvote im following

Great job. Learning is one of the most important things in life, because knowledge is liberty

Well we need to face the reality and you're right , we need to learn . You tubers are all in for the money and not letting the people they connect to the platform know of all of its ups and downs . As far as bitconnect , it will get there eventually

I think a lot people skip the process of doing the research at the beginning in all forms of investing. They see the excitement from other people and just jump in. Then they blame everyone else when it doesn't work out. I commend you for urging people to "do the math" and looking at it all objectively. Not many currently in this space think like you! :)


Thanks for keeping it 100!

great vid bro real talk!

Great Lesson Brother, defiantly I am going to apply it as I am still a beginner in this crypto world...Keep steem on

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