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RE: Open Letter To Steem Community

in #steemitlast year (edited)

Justin can I come visit the San Francisco office for a tour and to meet some Tron employees? I was there yesterday but I would like to come back to create a cool post with some good photo ops. From a long time Steemian, -@goldmatters



Whoa, snap. You da man!

I LIke it @goldmatters, You Heavy Hitter You !!!!

Ha ha thanks @stokjockey!! Join our Mene Maniac community! :)

Silly me.. I thought you are a bot 😂 i often meet you on splinterlands😁 gotta check the post

Lol no bot here! See you in the arena!!

Nice, I'll have to check that post out!!!!

I really appreciate the support man, thank you!

Yes, I could easily make it back to the office on pretty short notice

Nice, I'm from Brentwood myself.