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Hey guys. What's up? I know it's been a while while...(okay...a bit of an understatemet). Been busy balancing life.

So I've also been investing in other ICO's. One I'm particularly earger about is dimcoin. The ICO is finished. They offered 10,000,000 dimtokens which acts as shares.

Owners of the dimtokens will get their share of 30% of the dimcoin eocsystem transactions.

Dimcoin ecosystem is a finance trading platform. They plan to trade cryptonized assets and equities, cryptocurrencies, stocks and foreign exchange.

Dimcoin is based on the nem blockchain technology and the team is still working hard to fully develop the dim-ecosystem always updating their users.

The ICO offered 100 dimcoins per dimtoken and each dimtoken was valued at $1.

Here's hoping everything pulls through. Please note, I am no financial advisor.


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