Forging bonds between communities on steemit

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I started the project @help.venezuela at Christmas 2019, inspired by a post from my friend @crypto.piotr. Instead of sending some money to an anonym charity project. I decided that I wanted to create something where I could help people with whom I can have a direct contact.

I came up with the idea to use the properties of steem to create a fund that would upvote systematically all the posts of some selected people from Venezuela, to give them a little additional income to face the catastrophic situation in their country. I also wanted it to be a sustainable project that would give these people a continuous support over time.

I created this account @help.venezuela and funded it with 700 steem. Then I used steemvoter to program automatic upvotes for 8 people from Venezuela. Why 8? Well I had to make a cut so that the voting power of the account didn't go down over time and also to provide significant upvotes.

Over time several generous people delegated SP to this project and we could almost triple the SP at our disposal. This means we will be able to add more people from Venezuela to the program and upvote their posts (check out the related article).

A huge surprise came down our way

Thanks to the help of @crypto.piotr and his community, this project was voted for in a contest by @theycallmedan. The contest takes place in two stages. In the first stage 20 contestants were selected among all the entries. @help.venezuela got the 3rd place with 66 votes! A huge thanks to all for the amazing support!

This means that we managed to get through the first cut and will be rewarded with a delegation of 1000 SP for a whole year! This will allow us to include even more people in this program and award even higher upvotes for them!

In the second stage of this contest, one winner would be picked out of these 20 contestants. The winner will be the account with the most votes and this account would receive a delegation of 20K Steem Power for a whole year!

Winning might not be possible but...

When looking at the votes received by other programs, it would be an illusion for @help.venezuela to try to win this contest. However...

Forging bonds, coming together

We talked with @crypto.piotr and we believe that steemit should be a place where people work together for the bigger good and we decided to build an alliance with @steemchurch. @steemchurch is an amazing community that has its base in Venezuela.

We believe that we can do something big together and use this situation to create bonds between our communities by bundling our forces. If we can help @steemchurch to win this contest, even if we do not succeed, we believe that as a whole, our communities would profit by coming closer and interacting together.

Since this contest is won with votes, we ask you to go to the poll and vote for @steemchurch

Your vote can make the difference!

Please help us by resteeming this post


Support this project to help people from Venezuela to fight a catastrophic economical situation:
follow @help.venezuela
upovte this post
comment this post
resteem this post
set an automatic upvoting to @help.venezuela
delegate some steem power Delegate 1 SP, Delegate 5 SP, Delegate 10 SP, Delegate 100 SP


Again, link to vote on @SteemChurch (let's help them win that 20k delegation)


Thank you everyone for showing your support to this amazing Venezuelan community.

Yours, Piotr

Inspiring publication help.venezuela, we are happy to form this alliance, @crypto.piotr is a noble man as is the founder of @steemchurch @sirknight, you are right in saying that we can help people directly, it is the best way to generate confidence in the chain of blocks. We ourselves may not be able to change the world, but we can help many people who need magnificent alliances between steem communities.

Now we are winners because we can strengthen our communities with mutual aid, as I know that my people are very strong and we will come out of this crisis to be a global example.

We appreciate using our #steemchurch tag so that this good post will be seen by all members of our community.

I am @emiliocabrera
CEO of SteemChurch.

Thank you

Hi @emiliocabrera,
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment to this post. It is greatly appreciated. I really hope that together we can win this competition in order to help people in Venezuela a little bit more.

Best regards,

I am @achim03

Well said @achim03, it will be a pleasure to work with you. The best of luck for both communities.

Dear @steemchurch, @emiliocabrera

Now we are winners because we can strengthen our communities with mutual aid

Indeed. Regardless if we will win or if we won't win those 20k delegation for you -> we're already winners. Getting to know you guys and building this alliance would be amazing way of finishing my first year on Steemit (my anniversary takes place at the beginning of march) :)


Well said dear @crypto.piotr, something we have learned with @SirKnight is to see life from the perspective of growing in community, team and family.

Do not doubt that we will celebrate that first anniversary:)

Excelente iniciativa hermano. Es muy motivante toda la dedicación que le viene brindando a su comunidad. Soy Venezolano, y desde aquí un gran abrazo y saludo hermano. Dios lo bendiga

Hola @destroyer43,
Muchas gracias para to commentario. Solo lo podemos hacer juntos. Un abrazo muy fuerte!

I changed my vote into @SteemChurch l really hope they will help our friends from Venezuela too.

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I didn't know it is possible to change votes.

good to know @wakeupkitty

and obviously thank you for your support on behalf of others (and big thx from me personally)


I did change it and assume it is possible (votes will be countend) after the deadline date

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Hi @wakeupkitty,
Thank you for casting your vote for @steemchurch. Together we can help a lot better.

I hope so too!

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Thank you very much for this beautiful idea to help the Venezuelans, God will grant you blessings in exchange for sowing love, My vote is for @steemchurch.

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Thank you very much for supporting @steemchurch!

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It's done, @help.venezuela! I voted for @steemchurch.
Carry on with the good thoughts!

Hi @aezakmi,
Thank you very much for your support!

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Listo mi apoyo

Muchas gracias para tu appoyo!

I support you and I wish the greatest success for you. Blessings.

Hi @elisonr13,
Thank you very much for your support

I already voted for @SteemChurch a few days ago.
I hope more people could support he...
The current gap in the number of votes is not very big..

Hi @cloudblade,
Thank you very much for your support. @steemchurch took over the lead by a couple of votes :-)

Suerte para steemchurch ya he votado a favor de ellos!

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