What Is Steemit & Why You Should Join - Make Money Blogging! (with Stephen Kendal)

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In this video, I talk with derivatives and blockchain expert @StephenKendal about the future of social media in the cryptoworld, Steemit that is!

Steemit is the most exciting development in the social media world to date and not just that! Steemit is the most exciting development in cryptocurrency to date!

No it is not a ponzi scheme as people ignorantly insinuate. You don't have to put money into either STEEM or SBD (the cryptocurrencies powering Steemit). You can simply make an account and post, growing from zero to unthinkably high numbers.

Stephen Kendal started at zero and is now above $55,000.


I started at zero in August, putting most of the work into Steemit in the past three months and I'm now up to $2200!

As YouTube demonetizes and censors content creators, Facebook and Twitter censor the message of those who oppose the political and banking establishment.

Steemit is the answer!

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Stephen breaks down what you need to know about Steemit, his projections for its future and answers concerns regarding the incredible platform.

The untapped potential demand is incredible and it will only continue to grow! We are on the groundfloor of history and there's no signs of this growth slowing down! It all comes down to free market individual demand. People are turning against the fiat empire. People are showing their lack of faith in the worthless centrally planned currency and it's spreading through all facets of life. The innovation of freedom is producing dividends of excellent ideas. This will only continue expanding! It's a beautiful thing.

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Its great idea that's why i am joining to contribute this community

Keep on steeming ! Congrats!

Thank you! :)

You're welcome

steem is going to be big

Going to resteem, and send to friends to get onboard!

Thank you :)

I believe one day steemit'll be bigger than facebook.

Thanks for this. I'm brand spanking new to this and to crytocurrency/blockchain and look forward to learning from other successful bloggers like yourself.
Go Canada !

Thanks! Just keep the faith, it'll amaze you how much it will grow. :)

Hi Josh
I wish you all the best and hope your account grows even bigger
Your work It is a great motivation for us the steemit users
I am your new follower
If you'd like please Follow me too
Have a great time

Thank you! :) I followed back

Upvoted and resteemed :-)

Resteemd, Upvoted and Followed!
Great encouragement

Thanks! Happy to do it! :) Followed back!

I joined Steemit and bought into Steem Power when it was cheap I'm trying to get my friends on board too. But progress is slow. People are dubious because of the idea of "free" money. But it's not free you gotta put in work and write your ass off to get big. I'm still a nobody but enjoy my upvote and I'll be following you from now on.

Yeah, it's not easy, though once you crack $1000 it becomes a lot easier! :)

You got a Tweet too! @pqlenator on Twitter as well. Great work.

Go STEEM. Its going to be a hell of a ride. Steem will change your lie=fe. Buy and hold and definitely get into Steemit. The future of social media is here. Don't get left behind

I'm was a decently active facebook user, and every day I wanted to start blogging but it was always an ill do it tomorrow thing! And then I met steemit via the crypto world and now I have my blog :) Followed and Upvoted!

great post, thanks for sharing

Great initiative to promote steemit to many others, and surely this will help many newbies like me.
Thanks buddy

I joined steemit a day before guess what enjoying every second on steemit nice concept great community.

A brilliant video, very informative, thanks for sharing this. Steemit is a great community :)

This is what got me interested in Steemit - thanks Josh

This is a great video. I've been trying to get my friends on board but people are so hard-wired into the system. I've come to realize that it's hard.
Hopefully, this video will help them make some sense of it.
Thank you. :)

This could definitely take off, you are essentially paying someone to make them blog without paying them in dollars.

This is so exciting! I truly hope I can understand steemit properly soon!!!

Great post thank you Jeff

Wow, steemit is a genius idea! Let's continue to grow this community.

I am on Steemit because of your Youtube video. Thank you for pointing me to a platform where I can express myself in the crypto universe without feeling judged.