I have a verifiable source that steem is about to go to the moon!

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hold your steem players! because the crypto messiah that is @haejin says that @clayop arranged a deal with samsung! And samsung is buying steemit yo!

@ned why are you not telling us that you're getting kicked out and that the layoff was part of the deal? tsk tsk tsk


so there you have it little boyz and gurlz - buy steem and hodl!*

I'm sharing so you can benefit from this super mega top secret info as well. Insider shit! Only on my blog and thanks to haejin's flags of encouragement. It's all about the community (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)
*not financial advice


And this is the secret I've known about and been alluding to for a couple of months now.

are you serious?


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Yes Really, the sale was alleged to have happened last June.

Damn. I heard Apple was interested as well but Ned was a Android user so he went for Samsung instead.

Turns out it was a hoax! @socky just confirmed that on my post here.

Information remains in motion unless acted up by equal and opposite disinformation. Which is which? We wait and see. Personally I hope it's true, because nothing else gives this place a fighting chance to live. Certainly not Aggroed and his ridiculous little committees he has crimsonclad run for him. I watch this place at this point because well, train wrecks hold people's attention, after all.

I think it'd be nice to have @clayop write something official about this.

Oh yeah good point, since that's who else was closely involved (from what I've read).

It looks a scamm announcement...will see

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Is that why only Korean exchanges are pumping?

Why isn’t he buying a ton of Steem?

I have seen this rumor from people with high reputation (if reputation means anything here on steem). If this comes true, it will be a huge event in all the crypto world. And steem will easily go to Top 10. Somehow, it makes a lot of sense. Facebook is a challenge for Samsung, Google, Apple... They all want a piece of the social media, and STEEM is just the perfect sea, waiting for the perfect storm. Samsung mmcan be the right storm. Somehow all this pieces fit well together: layoff from Steemit, the SP power down and movement of those steem to secret accounts, increase popularity and buy-in from Korea.

They said it's a fake news and even Ned denied the rumors, but we'll see.

It's 100% fake news denied by Ned and clayop

that's what I thought to be honest...

All reputation means on Steemit is how much vests were used to upvote you. So basically nothing. People also gained rep ultra quickly when Steem was very high last year.

buy the rumor... sell the "steam"

This is interesting. But then pumping should have come much earlier...

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I can't help but be a little sceptical. Especially considering haejin is the source. Lol. But who knows.... We'll see what happens. Follow the money.

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Buy the rumour, sell the news?
Thanks for this info (but weren't you asked to NOT share it?).... how does that work? (EDIT: I assume you kept it to yourself at first, and recently were given the go-ahead to share it?)
I'm also wondering why you believe the source that Steemit got sold to a Korean megacorporation, but disagree with him that this means the price will drop below $0.18?
After all, corporations often buy smaller startups in the same field so they can essentially use them for parts. Samsung might have bought Steemit to prevent it from becoming a competitor. FaceBook and eBay have been doing this to their rivals since the start.
EDIT: I've made a post about this topic myself to ask for more info/opinions.

It also seems odd that the three parties involved in this are doing the direct opposite of hodling

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exactly my thoughts...

Which 3 involved parties are dumping Steem right now? I'm aware of Ned, but who are the other 2?

Kaliju and haejin

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This strikes me as a coordinated hype campaign during a pump after Ned sent 1.5 million STEEM to bittrex last week and STEEMIT sent 2 million steem to bittrex last night. The buy side liquidity for steem on bittrex is about 550k, so they could dump like a quarter of what was sent and drop price to nearly 0. This is a pump and dump, and the samsung news is probably #fakenews

I really doubt it, with steemit inc dumping all their funds we'll probably see a collapse in value to the low cents

Just curious, why does the purchase of STEEM from Steemit make you think the price should fall? The Koreans are buying massive amounts from Ned over the past week, doubling the price already. I don't understand why you see it as bearish.

It has been going up from the recent bottom prices -

39 Steem Steem $0.433460 STEEM * 13.82%

@starjuno why are you flagging your husband's work?
chill 😂