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Hello. steemian.
steem status has been opened.
Current features only show steem ranking.

1. Sort by

Active SP : Available SP. The delegate information is calculated.
Est. STEEM : Convert the total assets of the account into STEEM.

2. User Name

: You can find the user by user name.

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3. Update

: You can update to the latest information by click the Update button.

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4. Data

The current data is not sufficient.
As more users using it, the data becomes more accurate.




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I cannot find my name

I have sent 2.500 SBD to you with a wrong link. Please refund the same.

Hey @koinbot, thanks for approving @lux-witness !

you’re welcome. I became a steem witness. As a witness, I will do my best to maintain the steem chain. If my running node is working fine, please vote me.
Thank you ^^

We've approved you, you need a chance, we struggled at the beginning as well and we know it's hard work ! Best of luck with your campaign

Hi, sorin
Thanks for your comment and support :)