Improved Bot Support, Delegation Rewards Doubled and Leaderboard Updates

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Kryptogamers is a Provably Fair gaming platform with the lowest house-edge and maximum profit distribution where you can play 3 of the most popular games exclusively on Steem: Dice, Blackjack and Video Poker.



  • Starting from Today, our daily leaderboard rewards will be doubled and all the games will share the same leaderboard.
  • Delegation Token Payouts have been doubled. In other words, 1 SP = 2 GAMER tokens up-till 100k delegated SP.
  • We have added improved bot support with instant payouts for dice when bots use the below memo format
    Format: BRoll under <number between 2-95> <client_seed>

We got to know about magicdice a few hours ago. It is because of such bad actors that shakes the trust of the community and hinders our overall growth. The only thing that we want our beloved community to know is that we are sorry for the huge loss caused by them and that we will always stand together with the community no matter what.

Thanks again for all your love and support.


As you already have fully tradable tokens on Steem Engine I think this absolutely gives you the upper hand over your competitors in both gaming and trust issues.
Onwards and upwards and please keep the regular communication going. Especially at the moment, it means a lot.
Best wishes

Sure. Thanks a lot.

Hi, @kryptogames,
I tried the memo bet in this format:

format: Roll under <number between 2-95> <client_seed>

the transaction id: 0f864132fafd000afe41f6793b616d42dd6ef654

when i verify this transaction id the web site said: Transaction does not exist. Please contact us on discord

Thanks for updates and I hope to see your site get more of the action as it has always seemed to be a more fair set up. Maybe you have covered this before but what are you planning to do with the SP you get? Thanks for anything you can share.

Any chance you will register as a licensed company and provide personal details of owners to a trusted top Steem witness to improve transparancy and trust?

Legal laws regarding cryptocurrency in our jurisdiction is very unclear. So we are in talking terms with a lawyer and are planning to move to a crypto-friendly jurisdiction soon . We will let you know as soon as this is done.

That would be really good news indeed. I think the first to do this with Steem will have a great advantage.

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