Stop flagging small writers in the name of using bots even witness and whales are using bots on small content

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

When a poor person or minnow use bot to promote their posts these wahles destroy their account threaten them , downvote them even content is good , They will say Oh shit this type of knowledge already available on internet write some thing new downvoted.
who are you to decided the post is valuable or not , just check the writer given time to write.
every user of steem has rights to earn money , even after HF 22 its hard to get reward from bots , only flag those content which are very poor and useless and writer not giving time to write it just promoted it.
if this flag war not going to end it will not give any value to steem price , have you looked steem value still going down. actually these small minnows interested in investment on steem they buy steem .but these whales already making lot of steem for free these whales are in fact selling steem on market aggressively did you see my steem power never down from 3 years i have other source of earning i give value to steemit , but look all whales account they powered down aggressively and they think they only have rights to post on steem.
I urge and request @steemflagrewards and whales to stop flagging small minnows only flag shit posts.
If a written given time to content to write no matter you like their posts or their post information already on internet or not , steem give us freedom of speech if you do not stop harassing minnows whales cant survive steem by downvoting , grab more investors by letting small accounts to grow in decent manners , i see even @steemitblog was massively downvoted by whales This is not the way to run newsteem era
a GOOD WHale i like now a day is @theycallmedan


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