Couldn't agree more. Too much haterism from the flaggots!

lol stop introducingyourself or you'll get flagged again

Ok, I did not know we had to do specific tags. Why not try to teach people instead of just flagging?

tag abuse --> flag. Be careful :)

Use the appropriate tags, instead of the ones that you think will get you the most exposure, and people will stop flagging you.

What? Look at trending. Look at all the flags people hit people with. They are good posts that are flagged. Why? BECAUSE THEY DON'T AGREE AND TRYING TO HURT THEIR WORK.

Maybe a flag is not censorship but rather is meant to help the one posting understand the site and play by the rules, or it's someone new, like me, flagging before we understand everything. Notice I didn't flag this, but I expect someone will because you seem to be misusing tags.
Why did you use introduceyourself and bitcoin as tags in this post? People wanting to read in those categories will get frustrated with stuff like this, and you're missing the opportunity to draw in readers with better tags.
Since you didn't take the time to link to flagged posts you consider good, I can't see whether I agree with you. But I certainly don't consider this to be a good post. Lazy would be a better word, IMO.

I didn't know you had to use a specific tag. Wow! Unbelievable

Scroll through trending. We have steem police.