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There are a bunch of new users on this site. We do not get on this site and know all the rules, THANK GOD WE HAVE STEEMIT POLICE. When you see someone and see something wrong, WHY DON'T YOU TRY TO TEACH THEM ABOUT THE SITE INSTEAD OF FLAGGING THEIR CONTENT? By flagging you are not teaching them, you are hurting them. You are lowering their number by their name. Try to instruct them and if they do it again then flag them. This flagging B.S. is just that.
You people are going to only hurt the site. Last time I looked you were building this site. There have been a number of people looking to delete their accounts. Keep doing this and your precious steem will crash because low users or low active users. Don't think it can happen it happened to bitcoin.


Collapse. Sure to collapse.

Unfortunately the vindictive pigs that engage in this sort of activity get some kind of pleasure out of it, and there is not yet a countermeasure against it. I just got downgraded 6 reputation points by @berniesanders for calling him out for being envy-motivated and it cost me $230 in rewards for my first well upvoted post. That was my next month's rent.

He even edited his counter-roast post saying with 'regret' that it's a shame his downvote cost me so much rep when I post so much good stuff. Yeah, real soft heart this guy.

This is decentralized social media, so devs think they do not respond to the law. Anyway, who cares?

Bitcoin never actually crashed. It's some 600 usd / btc now
Even if it drops to only a dollar it's still not "crashed"

It did crash. It went up to $1100 and crashed all the way to $300

Thats a pretty hard crash

its not a crash in my eyes. the moment you cant trade currency for btc anymore that's when it is "crashed"