Tag Spam: Using a popular tag that is irrelevant to your post.

Please use relevant tags.

Why not teach someone about this site and what someone is doing wrong instead of flagging content. No wonder you have dozens of flags.

Damn, you have more flags than I've ever seen. Trying to get even?

The flags on my post are from plagiarists, copyright infringers, and identity thieves.

You'll find that this user posts a lot of good information for new users to the site:

The problem with using the wrong tags is that it makes it hard to actually find content relevant to the tag. Good tags for this post #meme #funny #clickbait, two of those are popular.

Ok, but teach someone and they can edit the post to correct it, just as I did. Just to flag them. That's not right.

I've tried writing articles with no success. Just trying to make steem more valuable! ROFLMAO

Roflmao, this is hilarious

yeah... but anonymous boobs...