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Hi Steem community.
I wanted to do a quick article on steemit. Really some suggestions and ideas. I will get right into it.
When we all found steemit, we all seen the articles that had the BIG MONEY attached to it and we said "cool freaking beans". We all dove in and found that we would only get a few upvotes. It gets a little disappointing. So, we persevere writing only to bank $0 or maybe a few cents.
I have studied some of the big money articles trying to see what they are doing that I'm not. Nothing.

*********UP VOTES*******
The whole point behind steemit is upvotes, the more upvotes the more the reward. I see hundreds of people with good work and with only a few or zero upvotes. The question is ....."How do we attract viewers to our work and get them to click the upvote tab?"
Each steemit member only gets a specific number of upvotes to use according to the amount of STEEM POWER owned. The more steem power the more upvotes you can issue out EACH DAY.
We all want people to use one of those votes on our work. I want to ask you a very important question...."HOW MANY UNUSED UPVOTES DO YOU END THE DAY WITH?
In my oppinion, yes we know what it is worth. Again it is my OPPINION no one should end the day with unused votes. Why? It helps others make a little STEEM DOLLARS and helps you add steem dollars for voting. Unused votes are a waste.


Part of steemit is followers and following. I did the same thing as most people did, started following people in hopes they would follow me in return. Maybe that would increase those cherished votes. Not so much. It seems the only advantage to following someone is so you can give your votes to them because you like their material. All the while your also trying to get votes.
Why not create agreements with others and we agree to vote each others work. The key to getting others to even see your work before it is buried deep on the bottom of the list is to promote each others work so it stays higher in the active page. This article here, If I got 20 votes, I would agree to spend my votes each day on those 20 peoples work. In return they would spend their votes on my work. This helps promote our work so it is easier for others to even see it. If we all did this we would help each other to get our work out. Plus each person that does this is pretty much guaranteed 20 votes. Thats a guaranteed payout. The more the payout the more the steem power the more the votes you can spend. Now imagine if people worked together and it grew to a hundred people each. Now we are promoting each others work even higher on the active list for more and more people to see it. Again these are just Ideas.
I go through all the people and spend my votes on the people I follow first. Just to help them out. Remember, you followed them because you like an article or a few articles.
Work together with your followers and followed and we can be more successful at steemit.


Thank you for your post!I have pretty much the same thoughts! I will follow you,and upvote you,and hope you do the same with me! I only have one articel,that _I finished yesterday,I´m still learning how to edit the text,markdown and all of that.

I just seen your article also and commented and gave you my vote. If we work together we can promote each others work. The only way to promote it is vote it up in the list so others can even see it.

Have you learned how to add pictures yet. I use "img safe"

Yes I added a picture in my introduction post.I used imgur. I have heard img safe recommended before.I will look it up.Thank you.

I want to learn how to add video. I wonder if it is the same way

remember to follow me and I will vote on your articles.