Check this out, It helped me.
Reply to this comment if you have more questions, I could make a post about it.

Another good one, thanks.

Here`s a good explanation how to use permissions to secure your steemit account and protect your steem.

Good one, thanks.

I'd like to know as well.

I thought I'd try and help, so I did a Google search for "steemit permissions". What's weird is that the first 5 links that come up each take you to the Steemit permissions page for a specific Steemit user. See the below screenshot. For example, the first link takes you to Luckily, it's a page revealing no content.


Ha, I get that too.

Probably, someone needs share his account with others, par example - hired curators, ghostwriters, BOTS and others.

For securitypurposes there are other solutions like par example 2-step verifications.

I don't believe simple explanations in the guides.