Once we were at the top... and now? Users and activity on #polish then and now

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It's hard not to notice that the glory days of the Polish community on Steem are long gone. Once we were in the top 10 of non-English communities but since then many people left platform, and others switched to writing in English. Some users left only instructions for the bots, and after that they disappeared. But how many of Polish users are and have been here or how long it was for all of them?

Data and information:

  • all users with at least one post with polish tag have been taken into account,
  • every user's “start” is the date of account creation,
  • for “writing” I count the most recent date from the publication of a post or comment (no matter what tags were used),
  • for “activity” I count the most recent date from the publication of the post or comment (no matter what tags were used), upvote or downvote, transfer or any changes in profile,
  • an inactive user is one with the last activity more than a month ago (June 7, 2019),
  • data used date from the end of the day: July 7, 2019.

Writing and active

At the beginning, I created three groups of users to use them in this article. As a reference we need the number of all authors from polish as the sum day by day. The second group are writing people. This can be easily counted from the dates of posts and comments. The third group are active users - those who at some point may have stopped writing, but still make changes in the Steem blockchain - mainly through voting.

bigger version

As we can clearly see - using the number of authors on polish as the size of the Polish community maybe make sense somewhere in January 2018, because later the line of all and the line of active began to move away from each other more and more. It looks even worse after "rotating" the chart and showing the number of inactive accounts growing.

bigger version

So if you want to show someone a chart of Polish users on Steem, the next one will be the real one:

bigger version

Activity and exchange rate

If anyone even wonders at all, where did such coming and going of people come from, you can easily summarize it in one word - money. People were attracted to this platform by a vision of simple and quick earnings, which is why all numbers in user activity can be compared to STEEM and SBD on CoinMarketCap. After connecting two graphs we get:

bigger version

bigger version

So it’s all about money.

Accounts lifetime

With so much data about inactive users, we can calculate the lifetime of accounts, which is the time from creation to any last action. I will compare this to the number of days in a three-year scale.

bigger version

The biggest decrease is recorded in the first half of the year and after zooming it looks like this:

bigger version

In fact, half of the users dropped out of the platform during this time. Luckily there are still enough users to continue this further.

Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer new people - in May there were 16 of them, in June only 7, and not even one in the first week of July.

Is there still a chance for Polish community on Steem?


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