Introducing Magic Dice - Provably fair and transparent dice game on Steem

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We present to you Magic Dice, a provably fair and transparent dice game built on Steem.
Lately a lot of new dice games and other gambling related games have launched on other blockchains like EOS or Tron. Those games have a high adoption rate and are quite successful.
Gambling apps on Steem haven't been successful so far. We think that was due to poor user experience and a lack of transparency.

SteemMonsters showed that you can build any kind of dapp on Steem and create a successful business on top of Steem. Steem isn't just limited to blogging dapps or voting bots.
With Magic Dice we want to show the power of Steem. Magic Dice provides a great user experience and is built around transparency, fairness and security.

KeyChain and SteemConnect

Magic Dice integrates with KeyChain and SteemConnect. You don't have to enter any of your keys on Magic Dice. To play, you don't even have to login. Just place your bet and click roll dice. You will be redirected to SteemConnect to make your transaction.
The best way to play Magic Dice is with Keychain on Chrome. It enables a very smooth and safe playing experience.

If you prefer to use some other wallet, you can send a transaction directly to @magicdice. To place a bet, use following format in your memo:

[over/under] prediction client_seed


over 60 myseed1
under 15 myseed2

The prediction can be any value between 5 - 95. The client seed can be any arbitrary string. The seed will be used for the random number of your dice roll.
On the website a client seed is generated in your browser by default. You can select your own seed as well when you click on the seed button.

Provably Fair

What does provably fair mean? On Wikipedia provably fair is defined as:

In online gambling provably fair describes an algorithm which can be analyzed and verified for fairness on the part of the service operator. 

A probably fair gambling site provides a verification method for every game. The user can verify after his playing session that he hasn't been cheated and the provider didn't manipulate the random numbers to make him lose.
Provably fair gambling sites are essential for crypto gambling sites. Otherwise the user could never be sure if he has been cheated by the provider in some way.
If you want more information about provably fair games, go to

Magic Dice provides two ways to verify your dice rolls. You can directly verify your dice roll on when you enter your bet Id or click in the bet overview on a bet.
The second way is to run the report script that's available on Github -> Magic Dice Report. All data for the report comes directly from the blockchain. For more information how the provably fair algorithm and verification works check out our tech talk post.

Transparency and Security

There are dozens of dice gambling sites out there. What makes Magic Dice different? Why did we decide to create a dice game on Steem?
One of the great things about blockchains is that they are transparent. That means that every transaction is visible to everybody. All bets ever placed on Magic Dice are visible on the blockchain. Furthermore all information to verify that a dice roll is provably fair is published to the blockchain. Any player or third party can verify the integrity of the game. You can not only verify your own bets, but all bets ever played on Magic Dice.
That is something you can't do on your normal crypto gambling site.

Another big advantage is that you don't have to send your funds to the service provider. You never know if the service provider will let you withdraw your funds. Sometimes there are minimum withdraw limits or withdraw fees. The service provider could even run out of business or take your funds and exit scam.
On Magic Dice you will receive your payout on the next block after a 3 second delay. No transaction fees and zero risk. That's the power of Steem.

No Smart Contracts?

There are a lot of new gambling and dice games on other platforms like EOS or Tron. Steem doesn't provide smart contracts, but that doesn't mean you can't build a custom dapp on Steem.
Smart contracts provide a lot of benefits, but often they are not necessary. SteemMonsters showed that you can build a great dapp on Steem, without any smart contracts.

A smart contract doesn't make a gambling site provably fair. Without the source code, the smart contract acts as a black box and you don't know what the code actually does. A lot of dice games on EOS haven't open sourced their smart contracts yet. You can check on that most of the smart contracts aren't audited or verified.

So even with a smart contract you need a provably fair verification method. The other downside of running a dapp on a platform like EOS is that the provider has to invest a huge amount to run the dapp. The top dapps on EOS have to stake millions to operate them. Running dapps on Steem is a lot cheaper.

Playing Dice

Magic Dice supports SBD as well as STEEM. The minimum bet is 0.1 SBD or 0.1 STEEM. The max payout for the launch is 150 SBD or 150 STEEM. We will increase those limits later on. The house edge is 2%. The house edge will be used to fund operations, development and promotions.

We advise everybody to play responsible and don't overindulge. Just like you shouldn't invest more in crypto than you can lose, you shouldn't gamble with more than you can lose. Enjoy the game and have fun playing it.

More Features

Magic Dice is still in active development. We are going to add more features to make Magic Dice a great dice game. Playing on Magic Dice should be comfortable, easy, relaxing, safe and fun.
We want to provide more games as well.
In the upcoming weeks we are going to add a referral feature and share a part of the profits with everyone who promotes Magic Dice.
If you have some questions, just contact us on Discord or leave a comment.

Resteem and WIN 50 SBD

Everyone who resteems this post can win 50 SBD. In seven days we will select a winner (We extended the promotion to give more people the chance to win the reward). You need at least 300 followers to receive the reward .

If you reside in a location where gambling over the internet is illegal, please do not click on anything related to these activities. You must be at least 18 years of age to click on any betting or gambling related items even if it is legal to do so in your location. Recognizing that the laws and regulations involving online gaming are different everywhere, readers are advised to check with the laws that exist within their own jurisdiction to ascertain the legality of the activities which are covered. The games provided by Magic Dice are based on blockchain, fair and transparent. When you start playing these games, please note that online gambling is an entertainment vehicle and that it carries with it a certain degree of financial risk. Players should be aware of this risk, and govern themselves accordingly.
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Seems to be quite interesting game. I hope we will be much entertained.

Already played @magicdice Great game for me ! Very interesting and worth to play for fun !

I've been wondering why someone hasn't done this for forever, now. Used to be a few, but the projects fell off after a while. Hopefully this can bring some interest and prove to be sustainable!

As someone who has tested out the old Pharesim dice game and the luckygames one off STEEM blockchain, I will test this out and see what it is like, but good to see another on the blockchain!

It is a fun instant game.

The rules of the game are very simple. There are only 9 cells: 4 of them are winning, 5 - losing. Open the cells one by one, until you open all 4 in a row. The win in this case is x118 of the bet! Symbol bomb - loss.

Definitely going to be using this, thanks for creating it. Lol I can't help myself sometimes and gamblor comes out XD

Fantastic! I like this game and like it more and more... :-)

Just played some rounds, fun project.


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I tried your game a couple times.. you really should add a graphic of dice rolling.. I am a degenerate gambler and would love this.. but the excitement is in watching the dice actually roll.. go to the local casino and watch the craps game. Come back and try again with graphics..

Just my .04 worth..

Thanks for the feedback. MagicDice is still in development. We are going to include a dice roll animation in one of the next updates.

That would be a huge plus imo

May be give option to turn it off too.

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so happy about this since steemdice is offline

I just tried playing it. Really enjoy your game

This is awesome! I just did my first game, and the website and interface are so smooth! Great job :)

Wow this could be great alternative to

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Nice freakin' job guys....nice freakin' job!!!!

Played some the last two days. I won more than I lost and even had one 70 SBD bet win 140 SBD. This morning I’m already moved to the bottom of the Top Winners list, so people are winning much larger pots.

@magicsice what’s your delegation plan? I’m thinking about delegating 1000 SP.

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We don't have a delegation plan yet. No sure how we would use those delegations.
We will probably create a referral/affiliate program first.

Congrats!! finally someone is connecting the dots.

Very interesting dice game I like the idea.

Amazing! I like this game 😍😍😍

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I would be happy with a steem crash website.

Name it bustasteem, the domain is available, add some referral rewards and it will go mainstream, everyone is playing crash, bustabit & eth-crash being successful, steem needs one too.

Hello, I have introduced @magicdice to Korean community.

I have a few recommendation.

  • It would be better if participants can have upvotes for playing this game
  • It would be better if @magicdice start accepting delegation from steemians and share profits with those who gave delegation

Thanks for the consideration. Good luck.

Thanks for the introduction to the Korean community.
Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah accepting delegations and creating another incentive to play the game sounds interesting. We will come up with something :)

I hope magic-dice will be the most amazing game ever played in steem blockchain😉

I love! I still have to test its operation, but I think it's a great idea.
Could I translate this into Spanish? I would put my best effort.

I would love to talk about new great projects like this one. Regards : D

Feel free to translate it.

Darn this is cool! Perfect for a gambling site for steem!

excellent work buddy. Just checking out currently while commenting.... Well done.
Hope,you will count me in 50 SBD giveaway for my resteeming 😁

I have actually wondered why no one has made a real gambling dapp for Steem yet since they seem to be very popular on other blockchains. So it's good to see that it's here. I'm not a gambling person myself, but if people are going to gamble anyway I prefer it to be on the Steem blockchain ;)

Anyway, good job with the dapp. The design and function seem to very good, and I'm sure this will attract a lot of people.

Really great.

This is indeed a nice concept.
keep flourishing!

Awesome! For the securities part, you even link with steemconnect and Keychain! Awesome and will try tonight!

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Wow... This is cool and exciting every time I play.

@mermaidvampire check this out 🎲🎲🎲

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Very cool! Can't wait to try it out!

I resteemed :) Clackity-Clack ol jondoe has got a hot hand at the ol dice game!

Great info: hope I win the 50 Steem with my resteem 👍😂👍

how can you spam a dice game xD

Im still waiting for those other 6 dice games to be rolled!
you still got my money!
Nowhere you write down Terms of service and suddenly im blocked because of spam?

Can somebody from your team fix this please?!
apart from this your game is fun!

나는 왜 누군가가 이것을 영원히하지 않았는지 궁금해했다. 몇 번이나 사용되었지만 잠시 후 프로젝트가 중단되었습니다. 바라기를 이것은 약간 관심사를 가져올 수 있고 유지할 수있는 것을 입증 할 수있다!

This looks pretty awesome I can’t wait to check it out

A few things:

-Not dice

ok, good luck to you ... and roll with it ! (-:

I want to try it!

Congratulations @magicdice!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

Support SteemitBoard's project! Vote for its witness and get one more award!

A good idea... Good luck!

This is awesome! Was wondering with this would come to steem :D

Do you need a license to offer gambling games online?

Seems like a grey area to me

Probably not for which are made on Blockchain.

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@ fr3eze check this out

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Nice post.
Youre post is the top one of the day.
Resteen and upvote done

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