Magic Dice Referral Promotion Winner

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The Magic Dice referral promotion contest is over. Magic Dice has rewarded users with 752 STEEM and 7.5 SBD this week in referral rewards.

The top referrers are:

The winner of the referral promotion is @luckystrikes and receives 50 STEEM.

Constant Daily Rewards

By referring users to Magic Dice, you can earn constant daily rewards. On some days this week Magic Dice was losing, but users still received their referral rewards. The referral payout doesn't include variance and Magic Dice takes all the risk. Users are paid based on the amount wagered of their referral users.

The Magic Dice team wishes everyone happy holidays and Merry Christmas.


Great game and referral program is also good.

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@magicdice I've sent you 140+ steem no roll please send me a refund @kgakakillerg thank you

We have refunded all your bets. Magic Dice is operational again. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Magic Dice!

I have receive Magic tokens, my questions:

  1. Where is it stored?
  2. When will it be exchangeable?
  3. Where to exchange?
  4. Can I use it to get in magic dice?

I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Merry Christmas, enjoy the vote!

Cheers and Merry Christmas.

@mydicebot will support MagicDice forever.



For some reason my account was just blocked "due to spam"

I was just playing a ton, while watching tv

I didn't know there was a limit on how often we could play a day. Can I get my .4 steem refunded and get unblocked?

The spam protection kicks in when you send hundreds of very low value bets. We have to protect our resources to provide a reliable service to everyone.

The block will be lifted after a few hours.

By low value bets, you mean anything below 0.5 SBD or Steem multiple times? does the betting chances contribute to the trigger?

Oh ok, sorry my bad I didn't know!

I'm only doing it for fun, so not using big amounts. I'll limit the amount of times I use it.

Found a glitch/bug with your site.

you can contact me by replying here or on twitter @renkure

What bug?

When 2 bets are sent at the same time, the same result is given for both of these bets.

Basically if I send a bet for over 85 for example, and I send 2 bets for the same odds at the same time.

and the result for the first one is 92, then for the second bet that got sent straight after would have outcome of 92 aswell.

That's not a bug. That's how Magic Dice was designed.

One sever seed is generated for the next n blocks.
A dice roll result includes server seed, client seed and block number.

If two transactions in one block use the same client seed, they will have the same dice roll.

There is no disadvantage for the user or advantage for the platform.
This situation only happens anyway if you use some bot/tool to send your transactions or two users play at the same time with the same client seed.

Well I just opened 2 bets (as the steemmconnect) up at the same time, and pressed log in at the same time, and it worked. The outcome was the same everytime.

And basically if i see that my first bet won, I could get my 2nd bet also in, if the first bet lost, I won't send the second bet.

If you wait for the outcome, the transaction won't be in the same block. In the next block the outcome will be different.

Magic Dice shows you the result when it parses the block from the blockchain and every transaction in it. You can't include another transaction in the same block. A new transaction will be included in the next block.

How i reffer to proples?

Merry Christmas

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Hello:) What can i do with magic tokens?

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What are Magic Tokens i just received?

They are the tokens you get for playing magic dice

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My question is how can you use them lol