Magic Dice v1.4 - Redesign and more

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Magic Dice is a transparent and provably fair dice game on Steem. If you haven't tried the game yet, go to and give it a try. If you want more information about Magic Dice, read our introduction post.

This update improves the design and usability of Magic Dice. Furthermore there are some new features like a referral ranking and a new list of your referred users. We have started to utilize our STEEM Power as well.


Magic Dice has received a small redesign. The old design had some issues with the contrast and bad readability. We have changed the background and focused on improving the readability/visibility of the page. Improving the design is still a work in progress and we are going to continuously enhance it in the upcoming months.

New Dialogs

The dialogs have been redesigned and now have new colors/higher contrast and better readability/visibility.

Referral Ranking

There is a new list of the top referrers on Magic Dice. Since the launch of the referral program, over 23k STEEM of referral rewards have been distributed. Thanks to everyone who promotes Magic Dice.

Referred Users

It's now possible to view all your referred users. We are going to add more information like the total amount wagered and the referral rewards for every referral in one of the next updates.

Magic Dice Upvotes

A lot of users encouraged us to use our STEEM Power for the community. That's why Magic Dice now uses all the collected STEEM Power to reward players on Magic Dice.
Every time Magic Dice reaches 100% Voting Power, it will upvote a random player who played in the last 24 hours. The voting strength will be determined by a dice roll (1-100).
The more you wager, the higher your chance to receive an upvote.

Daily Delegation Token Rewards

The weekly delegation token rewards caused some problems and many users expected more tokens for their delegations. We have switched to daily token rewards for delegations. Now users get their tokens earlier. The token rewards start one day after your delegation. The current distribution rate is 1:1 (100 SP will get you 100 MAGIC). The distribution rate will be halved every time 5% of the tokens have been issued.

50 SP , 100 SP , 500 SP , 1000 SP , 2000 SP , 5000 SP , 10000 SP

Play responsible and don't overindulge. Don't play with more than you can afford to lose.
If you have some questions, join our Discord channel or leave a comment. Resteem this post and follow us on Steem to support Magic Dice.

If you reside in a location where gambling over the internet is illegal, please do not click on anything related to these activities. You must be at least 18 years of age to click on any betting or gambling related items even if it is legal to do so in your location. Recognizing that the laws and regulations involving online gaming are different everywhere, readers are advised to check with the laws that exist within their own jurisdiction to ascertain the legality of the activities which are covered. The games provided by Magic Dice are based on blockchain, fair and transparent. When you start playing these games, please note that online gambling is an entertainment vehicle and that it carries with it a certain degree of financial risk. Players should be aware of this risk, and govern themselves accordingly.


wonderful project!! I could not wait the day for dividends.

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 89% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

This is one of the best dapp on steem. Yes addictive but for steem economy and visibility more we play better it is. I am supporting and playing this dapp from very beginning

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 42% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

I just tried it..and I won..haha..very happy with magicdice

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I like to play, bet a little, if i lose then double my bet, and when I win i'll cut my bet by half.

Its no guarantee but it usually gives me a decent chance of keeping balanced and earning magic dice tokens while Im at it.

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I’m wondering when dividends will start 😀

February. No specific date. We are going to release it when it's ready.

Please can we integrate ?

Charles @stackin is on Fire

Made a Delegation and Thank You for the Opportunity @magicdice

I have been an early adopter and supporter, you guys are doing a stellar job! Almost at 1.5 million tokens and cannot wait for dividends to begin. This has been a great journey and I think it has brought a lot of new people onto this platform ultimately increasing the value of Steem. This sort of dapp is exactly what this blockchain needed and will hopefully lead to other innovations

1.5 mil! Wow. Im over 100,000 but... Anyways. Good for you.

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Nice. That is a great number to get to and more to come I'm sure.

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Most Incredible - Addicting - Fun Gambling Dice Game In Block-chain History!!! =]

I was upvoted by you guys! This post explains that!! Thanks for upvoting me. I was very happy to receive it. :)

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thank you for upvote.
later when I claim reward. I will play dice again

Looks interesting, especially the staking component.

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Hi, if I can add a suggestion for a feature on your site.
Could you please add the option for auto bets where the user can add a little algorithm like start with a base bet amount and under/over number, if loss X 2 the next bet, if win reset to base bet amount. Basically a simple Martingale that can run on its own and stops when there are no longer enough funds or if the max bet amount is reached.
Thank you.

@magicdice Is your App down? Says it is offline. Any update?

@magicdice I have about 400k tokens on your app, but now it says 0 and says app is offline. I also cannot see the latest bets. What is going on???


This is what I see when going to your website:


The bets section is all blank and next to Roll Dice it says "Magic Dice Offline".

Same is seen when logged in, and the token balance is not loading.

When will these issues get fixed?

@magicdice I'm seeing the same thing... and it confuses me since given the transfer history (and the fact bets are still being placed) it looks like many others are not.

Those still sending in bets may be doing it through bots. I think there is one on github.

I am getting a little concerned here. Still the same issue, and still no reaction whatsoever by @magic-dice... I really hope this dapp hasn't gone rogue...

Yeah, offline again for me too.

really sad and weird they don't respond to nobody...

Hi there @magicdice, according to your website, you are planning to pay out a dividend before the end of this month (February 2019). Can you please give us an approximate ex-dividend date? Thank you.

Also, @magicdice, could you please confirm the percentage of profit that the dividends are in fact paying out? Your previous posts said that the dividends would pay out 100% of the profits, but it seems as though only 40% of the profits are getting payed out.

Maybe you could show on your site a breakdown of the net inflow/outflow of funds that came into the pool, as well as the resulting dividend payouts that have been distributed. This would go a long way for transparency's sake and to build trust with the Steem community.

I think that paying out 100% of the profits is important to keep the community's faith in the project, and it is also fair to you since you hold that lion's share of the Magicdice tokens and get the dividend payments on them. Please clarify this point and your plans for the future.

By the way, I love how smooth the app is running and that you are following and achieving the milestones you have set out. Cheers!

Furthermore, I think that having the ability to set an automatic betting algorithm directly on your site would go a long way in raising the transaction volume for your dApp. Something like a simple Martingale that doubles the bet on a loss and reverts back to a set base bid amount on a win would be great. This way, users could just fund a Steem account with their risk capital, turn on the bot and let it run. Not having to enter the credentials each time is key. Maybe you could work something out with @yabapmatt to have it work with Keychain or something.

Or are you guys planning to make it a daily dividend, which would be ideal.

Wow that's a awesome project

Gambling is addictive and no one can beat house edge.

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Your not wrong. Some people can handle it and some cant. Gotta know which you, and I, are.

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Hi guys - any news about payouts for holding magic tokens?:)

I think the SMT is coming in feb or march. So nothing till then.

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Although till now I have not tried it, but by going to the link given to me I will come today. And you have given a lot of information about it Thank you for sharing.

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Gute Info. Spiele schon die ganze Zeit.
Hab nichts verloren und min mal gewonnen.
Finde ich richtig gut vor allem noch die token dazu.

What is the use of this magictoken we received please advice someone?

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The more you have, the greater your payouts from the platform. Coin holders are the bank for the casino, so we get a cut of the profits from the casino.

As I understand it. But this wont happen till after the SMT

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What is SMT my friend please advice?

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Also meine Erfahrungen waren auch ziemlich gut.
Habe mal gehört es werden nur 2% einbehalten,was definitiv in Ordnung wäre 😀

Just curious, are dividends before or after SMT's?

Where is my dividend?

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Dividend payout starts in February

Where can I find my tokens?

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You can see your tokens when you log in on Magic Dice.

Yeah. I can see my tokens after I log in on Magic Dice.

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I really believe in you guys😉 When i was 18 i start to work in a casino and when i saw your platform and the oportunity that was ho ho hooooo😁
Sad but i cant drlegate more just 300 sp and my tokens are just 18600 but hope this will grow in the future.
I also shared my refferal link on many facebook groups just in case😉 But i think right now it makes it more difficult that you need to have a steem account for play. So hope in the future there will be more and more to join the steem so you will have also more and more players😊
Keep up the good job guys i support you as much i can😉

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Hi, I have delegated SP to magic dice and at first I received my Tokens then I delegated more but haven't received those? Do you pay out 24 hours after a user has delegated or at a certain time? My payout that is due has been more than 24 hours so just checking in, otherwise keep up the great work!!!

Can verify that it resets after you redelegate more.

Thanks, its sorted now yes

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Looks great, that purple really pops!!! Thanks for the nice upvote, made me want to go back to magic dice and try to double it :) Can't wait to see some dividends in the future and get a few referrals under my belt. Nice work!!!

Have 150k tokens so far which isn't too bad. I've increased my delegation again and hopefully can get up to a much higher number this month. Looking forward to seeing how the dividends work out.

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Can't you modify the referral rank ID for privacy?
ex) luckyst****

Could be done, but on the blockchain everything is transparent. That means all referral payouts are transparent. That's important for us that everyone can verify that the referral payouts were sent.
Even if we hide or obscure the account name, it would still be visible on the blockchain.

Do you have plans like poker,jackpot,etc?

Lottery and Crash will be probably the next games

can we please integrate ??

Love the way you use your extra SP! Just like rolling a dice to get a bonus vote! Keep up the good work!

Will delegators get random upvotes as well?

Hello @magicdice
Im happy use and i think this UI is very nice. Btw i have majic token in game, when distribution majic token??

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Looks great !!

Tried the game and it's addictive for sure. Delegated 50 SP for starters. Will delegate more for sure once I get to know about this project more.

Wish you great success @magicdice.

Omg! I have to try this game!

Though am always reluctant to click links or open the site due to security reasons. This site is okay right? 😀

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Thank you for this dice game I really love this dice game

100 SP is the minimum to delegate ?
Can we delegate less and keep the 1:1 ratio ?
Thank you :)

Wow! This game is super addictive! I can't remember the last time I played a betting game for like 4 hours straight. You guys knocked it out of the park.

I definitely have to show some restraint though. I have spent a couple hundred steem so far!

Hey guys! Is anything being done to fix the site? It has been either not showing any data, or displaying "Magic Dice offline" for the last couple of days.

It looks like the hosting needs a bandwidth upgrade.

This is all a little silly now, people would have played the game without dividends, you have shot yourself in the head, you never even had to offer them, if you had no intention to honor them.

And people would still be playing it for years, you had a get rich quick, that could and probably would have, given you a lot more in the long term, without offering dividends, chalk it up to experience, and learn a life lesson!

I think that they are having bandwidth issues with their current hosting service provider. I do not think the outage is caused to defraud investors since it is far more profitable for them to keep the dApp running. However, what is unprofessional and worrying is the lack of communication on their part.

I tend to agree, though other people are saying far worse than I am, I err on the side of caution, and good faith, time will tell, and I hope it works out for the better, unlike what others are saying, I still have faith, that what you say is the issue.

Please let the community know what is going on with the app and when will the outage get resolved.

You may want to look into hiring a community relations manager to help with timely communication.