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RE: I Would Like to Introduce My New Token - WHALECOIN

in #steemit3 years ago

well for me i haven't done much to get a whalecoin but i think the little i did deserve me some - like being a watch man on the whaleshares discord server lol and making sure everything goes as planned, i am the body guard for crying out loud what do you expect, man have to make sure the community is sane - and also like sevo, i provide you guys with some amazing great songs 😍 to keep every one dancing 🎶 you know it's not easy to make that happen right. and again this new whaleshares song every one is anticipating Sept 1st, guess what I'm bringing in ☺ (banger) so yo yo i deserve some accolades lol noooo some whalecoins 🤝


Marshall! You have done great things for my shows and you always bring with you a great sense of humour, you sure know how to liven things up! I have no problem whatsoever sending you 200 Whalecoins.

😂 😂 i am rich theeeeen lol - incase you forget like i always do on every show {not this time) my Bitshares wallet "Bitmar5"

Thanks much and let the new chain lunch