3 Useful Tools for Steemit - Follower Stats, Genuine Upvotes & More!

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After coming back to Steem and starting blogging again, I realized that there are things that have actually changed - it' been almost two years! 

I've found some great tools that can enhance your blogging experience.

steem.makerwannabe.com - Manage Followers

Author: @shaunmza

This tool presents itself as follower manager - you are given the possibility to see who has followed or unfollowed you. Moreover, it let's you see weekly, monthly or yearly statistics. I believe it's great for analyzing your page performance and understanding the engagement with your page better.

You can understand when your content is becoming more likeable and figure what kind of content your audience craves.

steemfollower.com - Gain Genuine Upvotes

Author: @mahdiyari

The biggest challenge many Steem platform users face - getting their posts to be seen by others. It's always great to be heard. There are many Discord servers and chat room for post promotions - but do they really help? People mostly just publish their posts without paying attention to any other ones.

SteemFollower is a great way to gain upvotes for your posts. You upvote posts that you find interesting, receive points and use the points to promote your own posts - pretty simple!

steemd.com - Notifications and Profile Stats

Author: @roadscape

I use steemd.com daily. Since there is no notifications system implemented yet, I use this site to see if I have new followers, replies or upvotes. It's quite handy! There is also all information and stats regarding your account and your public blockchain.

Note: Use URL https://steemd.com/@username where "username" is your Steemit name :)

Are there any tools that you could suggest? I'd love to know.

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Hi @mashup. Thanks for these simple tips. I am extremely new like most of the other commenters here. These look to be very helpful, but since I'm not blogging or sharing any other content yet, does it make sense to use these tools?

On one hand, ​it may be valuable and easier to start with them before I really need them so I can learn how they grow. On the other hand, I don't want to add too much complexity at the beginning as I am slowly understanding the Steemit ecology. And I'm still working on what kind of content I'll be sharing.

I've had a first pass at learning​ about the 3 coins, and some general overview. I just jumped in and started reading and commenting. I can do that really​ easily without understanding​ curation, promotion and how the payouts work.

So, should I get more up to Speed on the basics and start creating content before using these tools? Or just jump in the deep end?

Thanks for your thoughts.

By the way. I found your post through the promoted section. :-)

You've got some thinking going on there :) It really depends on what you want. If you are not intending to create your own content yet, if I was you, I'd simply enjoy, follow the people you like and engage. Steemd.com is really useful for you as you can see everything happening to your account.

Speaking of myself, in the beginning I learned the basics just like you and did the beauty of experimenting. No need to force yourself into hardcore learning :)

Use the tools if they're useful to you. Don't if they do not feel useful to you. Stick to simplicity - I would.

Great post - just exactly what I have been looking for! I am new here and need all the help I can get - thank you!

I'm glad, Melody! If you ever need help on Steemit, feel free to come over to #help channel at https://steemit.chat :)

Thank you! I will probably be there a lot as I try to figure all of this out!

Thanks. This is very useful information for noobs like me trying to get more involved in the community. Upvoted and resteemed.

And thank you for the contribution. I plan on offering Steem tips here and there inbetween my usual posts.

Thanks! I found this post through SteemFollower. Question though, I have not been using it very long but wonder if you could explain in more detail the part about using points to promote my post. How do I do that exactly?

Dun-dun, SteemFollower does work and you have proven it by finding my post. From each vote on SteemFollower you get points that are automatically spent on promoting your posts. You do not have to do anything and just have it enabled - your last posts are promoted on SteemFollower until you run out of points.

The points you redeem have certain total value and it reduces with each vote you receive, depending on how valuable it was.

Ok thanks....I can see where as I vote I gain points and when people vote on my post it goes down. Didn't know if there was more to it than that!

Hi, @mashup, and thanks for this amazing post! Since I am new, I like quick and easy to learn posts to learn from. I will be using all three daily, but I can't seem to understand the steemfollower fully yet. I gotta get into more tutorials to utilise the full potential. Anyhow, great article!

Best way to understand how something works is experiment with it. In short, you choose to upvote given posts and receive points for them, which later are used for promoting that of your own.

Welcome to Steemit, @cocktailguy!

Good stuff bro thanks for the info..

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thanks @mashup for sharing valuable information . it will help alot

I'm glad, you're welcome.