Who Put the First Slap : Justin Sun / Steemit community

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Who Put the First Slap : Justin Sun / Steemit community

We all know that what is the drama going on. There are so many question raised by this drama. We have to think about it.

Who started this drama? Is Justin Sun ( @justinsunsteemit ) / Community / Witnesses / Ned ( @ned )?
Who will get the benefit from this drama?
Will it good for steemit/steem?
How long this go?

Now, this drama is very hot in crypto community. If this drama will continue long, I think it will be not good for all. It will create negative image in crypto community. We all put efforts to solve this drama/situation as soon as possible. If you know the example of Milk is warming in a pot and if we continue to warm long. It will boil and if we continue to warming then the milk coming out from pot and spread everywhere. And we got nothing. We loose milk completely.

So we have to stop this drama and reach at a stage where we all come on a common platform and got win-win situation for all. Definitely, it will have some compromise to all but all win else we loose everything which we create from years.

Who Started this Drama?

Every person has different opinion on this point but in my opinion this drama was started by @ned. All others are secondary. And He is enjoying the whole drama and we all piss in drama including @justinsunsteemit. He did not clear all things about community and responsibility towards steemit to Justin Sun. We all have to think about it and take care (not include /join our self) regarding his futures plans/endeavor/scheme of @ned.

Who will get the benefit from this drama?

Currently only one got the benefit by creating this drama. He very well knows the community thinking that community will not accept these things. He has not cleared the picture to Justin Sun and community before doing this deal. He pick the handsome amount and leave the things uncleared to all and not full-fulling his commitment towards steemit community.

Will it good for steemit/steem?

No, the current situation is not good for steemit/steem health. We have to clear it as soon as possible. As time spend we have negative impact on steem reputation in crypto market. We have to make a mimimum common program to satisfying all common interest including Justin Sun, as now he is also a member of our community.

How long this go?

We have to sort out it very soon, So that it gives positive impact on whole crypto community. Else every investor goes away from steem because of negative image is creating. Now, steem is very hot in crypto market, not in a positive way but only talking and seeing that what is happening? If we solve this matter quick and win-win situation for all, then definitely it will make positive image in crypto market.

If you want to vote on my witnesses vote then set my wintess proxy as @mehta or PROXY me by click here = https://beta.steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-proxy?proxy=mehta&approve=1

I want solution of this situation not stretching the things. So, I voted witnesses.

Think for Steem Future

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True 😂

Listen, @mehta, do you really believe people are so dumb, and will pick YOU as their PROXY, without prior checking who do you vote?
And there is so obvious and easy to see that you support ALL Justin's puppets:

I got to admit, that one thing came good from your's this post - it made me clear who you are.
This will help me to assure, that never ever your will receive even one single upvote in the future from my side. ( and I hope - from many others too)
Adios !

I am here from more then 2 years. I knew the most of the steemit people does not support from investor mindset people. They totally deny investment, that's why steemit is looks like this. If we find a path for both investor, marketing and tech people, it will be better for all. Because you all not support these types of people. So someone should here to support these type of people. So, I supported and want these type of people also be here. Not necessary to threaten them and remove from steemit community. There should be balance of all. That's why i supported.
If you not like, i cant help. I knew most of are here like you.

Regarding vote, I knew in 2 years that nothing is free here. I rarely receive a good from individual steemians. No matter you vote or not. Here free is only good downvote for me after the pervious HF, before that no major downvote. Upvote and Downvote related to like or dislike. You may dislike me. But I am not dislike you. I am not downvoted anyone, whatever i like or not. So chill and cheers!!!